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The heavenly vocals of Jamie from punk rock maestros WILD ANIMALS return in a new track from emotive indie pop project JAMIE 4 PRESIDENT

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On September 15th BCore Disc label puts out the new album by JAMIE 4 PRESIDENT, an underrated side project of Jamie Green from Spanish enrapturing punk rock act WILD ANIMALS, whose last album “Basements: Music To Fight Hypocrisy” marked one of the most captivating and addictive records of the decade. With JAMIE 4 PRESIDENT, the band’s guitarist and vocalist strays from the punk rock sound finds him in a place where they’ve found the fun in creating multi-style efforts full of ringing arpeggios and layered distortion. Their sound is something of a three-way between Indie Rock, Power Pop and Emo, where one can hear distant echoes of bands such as DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE, THE PRMISE RING, JIMMY EAT WORLD, as well as THE SMITHS and THE CURE. There’s something pleasingly organic, warm and vital about their sound that can’t be found much place else. We have teamed up with their label BCore Disc to bring it closer to your ears without even a shade of boring, and premiere their new single called “Far From Blue”! Listen below and stay tuned for the full record stream soon!

Jamie commented on the new track by stating:

“I think generally we’re a band that places more emphasis on melody than groove but this one is all about the rhythm section grooving… In our warped minds we were trying to create a song that was a hit in a parallel late 90’s/early 2000’s emo universe, if that makes any sense. Maybe we failed but I’m happy with how the song turned out haha. I got to play a Rickenbacker on it which is nice and for what it’s worth the lyrics are about infidelity and deception.”

“The Heartbreak Campaign” by JAMIE 4 PRESIDENT comes out on September 15th via BCore DiscLa Agonía de VivirDiscos FinuPifia Records, and Waterslide Records. Recorded and produced at Ultramarinos Costa Brava studio with Santi Garcia, the record features 10 captivating tracks that create most essential chapter of their gospel yet. JAMIE 4 PRESIDENT are: Jamie R. Green (Wild Animals), Pablo Gonzalez (Fuckaine), Xvi Calvet (Bullitt), and Borja Pérez de Pozo (Please Wait).

Photo by Monica Pali


Running away from the ghost now it’s started to look real. Rewind the days to the time that you tried to take the wheel.
I see you far from blue, petty rumours don’t mean it’s true.
Give me three words or disappear i see your pride is aching. I stand accused of exposing domestic bliss you’re faking.
I see you far from blue pack of lies tell me it is true.
Familiar faces in distant places, we could’ve owned whichever scene we wanted. Go into hiding, i’ll bring the tide in.
I see you far from blue, doesn’t anyone see it. I see you far from blue, nervous laugh tells me it is true.

To live by the sea. The faded grandeur of a once thriving coastal town that at some point succumbed to apathy and greed. Memories of carefree youth and hazy late nights/early mornings jumping off rocks and swimming naked while drinking cheap cava straight from the bottle. Torremolinos on the south coast and Sant Feliu de Guíxols on the north-east. Different but similar. All this infuses the sound and spirit of Jamie 4 President and their new album “The Heartbreak Campaign”.

In 2013 Jamie R.Green (born in Leeds, UK but raised on the south coast of Spain) decided to get some friends together and record a set of songs he’d written since moving to Madrid. Among them was the drummer Pablo Gonzalez with whom he had played in the band Notes to Myself.. The newly formed band started playing around the country eventually releasing their first record, “Where did our Youth Go?”(We are the Daughters, 2013) and their second, “Dolphins” (El Morro de Alf, 2015). After a couple of years of heavy activity with their other projects (Jamie is also currently guitarist/vocalist in Wild Animals and Pablo drummer in Fuckaine) in September 2016 they headed off to record a new album at Ultramarinos Costa Brava studio in Sant Feliu de Guíxols with Santi Garcia producing (something of a legendary figure in the punk/indie scene) and his brother Victor Garcia mastering. The result is “The Heartbreak Campaign”, a 10 track lp co-release through several esteemed independent labels (BCore, La Agonia de Vivir, Discos Finu, Pifia Recs) from Spain and also overseas (the Japanese label Waterslide Recs is to release the Cd edition). A record full of ringing arpeggios and layered distortion. Intricate, driving beats and vocal melodies and lyrics dripping with nostalgia.

The band is currently a quartet completed by Xavi Calvet (Bullitt) on guitar/backing vox and Borja Perez de Pozo (Please Wait) on bass, both Sant Feliu residents, giving life to what they call the “Torremolinos-Sant Feliu connection”. Their sound is something of a three-way between Indie Rock, Power Pop and Emo, where one can hear distant echoes of bands such as Big Star, Death Cab for Cutie, Guided by Voices, The Promise Ring, The Wrens, Last Days of April, Jimmy Eat World (Clarity era) as well as some 80s favourites such as The Cure and The Smiths. When playing live they take their pop melodies and attack them as a punk band would. In October they’ll be touring promoting the new album. Don’t miss ’em.

Text by Johann Wald

BCore Disc is one of the key reference record labels of Spanish independent music. Founded in 1990 in Barcelona and influenced, in the beginning, by the hardcore and punk 80’s scene, the label has managed to carry on their DIY premise for more than 25 years. Inspired by American labels like Dischord, SST or Touch and Go!, BCore has focused on indie rock and other music tendencies from the Barcelona and Spain underground movement. The label currently covers a number of genres that go from punk, hardcore and surf to pop, folk, rock and instrumentals.

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