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Kevin Seconds of 7 SECONDS release new solo track

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Kevin Seconds of influential punk rock / melodic hardcore act 7 SECONDS has unveiled a new track called “My Solid Ground”. The track is available for streaming below, along with the rest of his newer single offerings released in 2016.

Kevin released his latest full length in 2014. New Years Rulin’s is available via This Means Something Records (CD).


well, the points have all been made
but still we tear them all apart
the population is afraid
and now we’re right back at the start
i won’t put much in what you say
you better make a better plan
you’re using poison viciously
it’s really gotten out of hand

i’d rather die than run away from this
but will i ever find my solid ground?

the news is slowing sinking in
i know it’s hard to sit through it
one minute, i feel strong enough
the next, i really wanna quit
what do we value anymore?
what do we hold up and respect?
wake up and be a part of it
it’s harder one day to the next


Other songs (new & old) and EP records released this year:

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