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HEAT raging on their new EP release on Deranged Records

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San Diego raw, dirty hardcore punk band HEAT have re-released their 2016 demo on 7” via Deranged Records. Released digitally in May this year, the raging effort creates havoc and burst eardrums with a harsh, signature intensity. Listen below and grab your copy through this location.

Heat’s debut 7″ is a hellish, whirlwind onslaught of ultracore agony. It would be easy to just name check the cult HC groups of yore who make up Heat’s primary influences–Neanderthal, Citizens Arrest, Impact Unit, Crossed Out, etc.–but these San Diego insurgents aren’t content simply paying homage; they’re taking their savage influences and pushing the aural torment into a refreshing, self stylized direction. Whether full tilt blasting, stomping at a mid-pace, or trudging through a dirge, there’s a natural fluidity and cohesion to Heat’s under-a-minute nuclear reactions that belies the group’s intensity. Simply put, any fan of extreme hardcore will revel in Heat’s burly, mutant approach. Buy it, steal it, hype it, but above all: feel it. – Colin Tappe

More about the band, by Maximum Rock’n’roll Zine:

Date & location formed:
March 2016 in San Diego.

Reason for forming:
There was no particular reason. We just wanted to start a band together.

What are your lyrics about?
Anger, depression, anxiety, confusion. Normal things.

How would you describe your sound?
Short, fast and loud.

What’s in the future for this band?
The plan is to keep playing shows and after we get the demo out in physical form, we’ll start working on new music.

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