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“Kill The Klan” – DISAPPEAR throw punches with great new single

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Indiana-based hardcore outfit Disappear has dropped their intense new single “Kill The Clan,” now streaming on all platforms. The track, the first to be revealed from their forthcoming EP, comes accompanied by strikingly gruesome artwork courtesy of @mayor_mayo.

Drawing from the metallic hardcore sound of the 90s and 00s, reminiscent of bands like Despair, Integrity, and Turmoil, and resonating with modern acts like Foundation, Disappear continues to establish themselves as a formidable presence in the hardcore scene since their formation in 2018.

The band’s recording was entrusted to their friend Dan at @chippedtoothaudio. Check it out.

Hailing from Fort Wayne, Northeast Indiana, a region not typically associated with a thriving hardcore scene, Disappear is nevertheless making waves.

Their sound, a potent blend of heavy metallic hardcore reminiscent of bands like Foundation, Inclination, and Terror, is backed by lyrics often tackling themes such as veganism, straight edge, struggle, and the grim realities of warfare.

This fresh track serves up a catchy melody that’ll snag your ears and hang out in your head straight off the bat.

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