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KOYO returns with vibrant new single and music video “Anthem”

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Long Island melodic hardcore band KOYO has just released their melodic hardcore single, “Anthem,” now available across all platforms. The track is a strong addition to their debut full-length album, “Would You Miss It?”, set to release on September 29th via Pure Noise Records.

Vocalist Joey Chiaramonte discussed the new song, saying: “I feel like so many of the bands we love had songs that celebrate the world they come from. Songs about finding music, hardcore, being inspired to create, those tangible moments that change your life when you’re young and just create an obsession with playing and going to shows. Anthem is our stab at adding to that greater catalog. Specifically, ‘Anthem’ is more than just addressing personal nostalgia, or coming of age show going experiences. It’s an open letter to everyone out there right now, listening, understanding what I mean and say in that song without having to be walked through it. If you understand it immediately, the song is written about you.”

KOYO is not a band to shy away from emotions. Blending punk, hardcore, and emo influences, they create a sound that is unashamedly passionate and deeply resonant. Originating from Typecaste, Hangman, and Rain of Salvation, KOYO manifests the essence of their scene with a commitment that is palpable in their music. Their sound harks back to influential acts such as Taking Back Sunday and Silent Majority, while also presenting a unique and intriguing flair of their own.

Their debut album, recorded by the renowned Jon Markson, is a powerful testament to this blend of old and new. Markson, whose portfolio includes Drug Church, Taking Meds, and One Step Closer, has helped KOYO cultivate a sound that is both raw and strikingly immersive. The album features guest appearances from industry titans like Daryl Palumbo (Glassjaw), Vinnie Caruana (The Movielife), and Anthony DiDio (Vein.FM), resulting in a work that transcends generational boundaries.

In anticipation of the album’s release, KOYO is embarking on a short European tour, rigth after their recent North American tour alongside No Pressure. Check out the full itinerary below.

06/22 Glasgow, UK @ Audio  +
06/23 Manchester, UK @ Outbreak Fest
06/25 Hamburg, DE @ Booze Cruise Fest +
06/27 Dortmund, DE @ Junkyard +
06/28 Hamburg, DE @ Bei Chez Heinz +
06/30 Rennes, FR @ Le Jardin Moderne +
07/01 Paris, FR @ Supersonic +
07/02 Gent, BE @ Trefpunt +
07/04 Kingston, UK @ Fighting Cocks +
07/05 Birmingham, UK @ Asylum 2 +
07/06 Leeds, UK @ Temple of Boom +
07/07 London, UK @ New Cross Inn +
07/8 Cheltenham, UK @ 2000 Trees Fest

07/21 Harrisburg, PA @ Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center ^
07/23 Huntington, NY @ The Paramount  ^
07/24 Albany, NY @ Fuze Box
07/25 Cleveland, OH @ House Of Blues ^
07/26 Buffalo, NY @ Town Ballroom ^

+ w/ Fleshwater
^ w/ Bayside, I Am The Avalanche

KOYO by Rebecca Lader
KOYO by Rebecca Lader

Hailing from Long Island, New York, KOYO consists of five childhood friends—vocalist Joseph Chiaramonte, guitarists Harold Griffin and TJ Rotolico, bassist Stephen Spanos, and drummer Salvatore Argento. They have created a nostalgic sound that harks back to their Stony Brook summer days while keeping their musical content fresh and exciting.

Since forming in 2020, KOYO has released several well-received EPs and is now stepping into the legacy of Long Island hardcore with their debut album, “Would You Miss It?”. While understanding the weight a debut album carries, KOYO has patiently crafted this record, incorporating songs that were written soon after their formation.

Despite the meticulous planning and labor that went into the album, there is an unmistakable authenticity in KOYO’s music. Their sound is a genuine reflection of who they are and how they interact as friends. This authenticity is reflected in their songs, like “You’re On The List (Minus One),” “Message Like A Bomb,” and the recently released single “Anthem,” which carry a sense of emotional honesty that listeners can resonate with.


The process of creating “Would You Miss It?” was a labor of love, interspersed with personal challenges and introspection. Their lyrics, particularly in songs like “Life’s A Pill,” draw on deep personal experiences, creating a strong emotional connection with the listener.

For KOYO, “Would You Miss It?” is not just an album but a testament to their love for music, the bonds they share, and the journey they are embarking on together. It sets the bar for the new wave of Long Island bands. In the words of Chiaramonte in “Anthem,” “the best is yet to come.” Be sure not to miss it.


“Anthem” lyrics

For anybody out there
That knows just where I’m coming from
To the ones that identify
With the same fire in their eyes

We grow old and die off
But the best has yet to come
And when our time has passed
You’ll just know you’re the next one up

It’s hard to find the right words
To frame what makes this good enough
To wreck every semblance of
Convention fighting to find some space in my life

It’s that I still feel the rush

Am I loud and clear?
The time is now is here
You know It’s L I H C forever
If you don’t get it you can fall right off

We grow old and die off
But the best has yet to come
And when our time has passed
You’ll just know you’re the next one up

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