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Melodic hardcore band LANDSCAPES announce new album; new track and video released!

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LANDSCAPES are proud to announce the follow up to 2013’s “Life Gone Wrong” with the stunning new album “Modern Earth” released April 08th via Pure Noise Records. Pre-orders available now! The album, which sees the band evolving their sound whilst maintaining their punk-rock ethos was engineered at The Panda Studios in Fremont, CA by Sam Pura (BASEMENT, THE STORY SO FAR) and mixed and masted by Neil Kennedy at the Ranch Production House in Southampton, UK. Watch the band’s new music video “Neighbourhood” below.

Photo by Fay Cranham.

“If ‘Life Gone Wrong”s concept was about being in that moment as it all falls around you, ‘Modern Earth’ is a continuation of that story, an expansion explaining the disease of the mind, sculpting, adjusting and accepting those circumstances as it suffocates you powerless”. says lead vocalist Shaun Milton. He continues: “Recording in California was a very different experience as to what we were used to but we learned a lot from our time out there and with our musical influence broadened, we can’t wait to convey that in front of an audience soon!”.

“In a world prone to war, segregation, disease, recession, depression, imagine leaving this planet for a promised land beyond our dreams… A fracture of hope in the existence of today… Only to find that your experience on this new world is no different from your own and you are trapped in the bubble of time and space, a paradox of the modern earth as we know it… As we fall into the abyss of a future that seems written out for us, your vision begins to shake… and I begin to scream. Welcome to Hell”.


The tracklist of “Modern Earth”:

1. Mouths Of Decadence
2. Observer
3. Death After Life
4. Embrace
5. Remorser
6. Neighbourhood
7. Escapism
8. Aurora
9. Radiance
10. Transient
11.  Heaven Ascended

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