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“Last Dose” – unrelenting hardcore pack ANNA SAGE drops new track!

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We’ve seen a number of jaw-droppig returns of giants and pioneers of the chaotic metal/hardcore genre in recent years and it is even more encouraging to see less known bands branching out into their diverse range of ambitions to deliver really impressive productions that address loads of artistic divergences. On their new EP “Downward Motion”, Paris based alternative heavy hardcore act ANNA SAGE sound like a band like no other and offers a truly intense dive into a soundscape filled with a driving energy that rarely lets up. We have teamed up with the band and one of the labels involved in this project, Vox Project Records, to give you the first listen of the EP opener called “Last Dose”!

The band’s vocalist Xavier commented:

When I listened to the composition for the first time, I had the impression of taking a big shot of adrenaline then to live a violent descent. I have tried to transcribe this feeling through the narrative and, more particularly, to refer to the addiction that it provides and that drives us to listen to our passions rather than our reason. The capacity we have to ourselves to ignore our awareness of the danger of retrieving this state of fullness is both fascinating and frightening. Whatever the object of desire, money, power, sex, drugs … it is a universal experience that trusts age, environment, sex. Last dose simply evokes the “trip” too much, the one that turns out both vital and ultimately fatal.

Mixed and mastered by Francis Caste (Comity, Refused, The Arrs…), “Downward Motion” EP is slated for a December 1st release via Dingleberry Records, En Veux Tu En V’la, Itawak Records and Vox Project Records. The first live gig showcasing the new EP will be held in Paris at L’espace B on December 8th. Joining the band on stage will be CORTEZ and BARQUE.

Xavier further ellaborated on the concept of the EP:

The whole concept of the EP is articulated beyond the duality of our personalities. It was important for me to have a common thread in writing and to make it live to the rhythm of the compositions. The tortured, sometimes asphyxiating side of our music has given me the freedom to express the universality of this phenomenon. Each piece is a photogaphy, a story illustrating this inner struggle that inhabits each of us to varying degrees. Whether it is the addiction through Last dose or Goddess or the faith with When Prophecy fails and Missing one, we sought to retranscribe the rise that leads to Nirvana then the vertiginous fall that follows, including through the song The Rope that closes the EP. As for the title of the EP, Downward Motion, it has emerged quite naturally at the end of writing, as the synthesis of the general atmosphere, an irresistible attraction to trefonds.

“Last Dose” Lyrics:

My crave to feel alive will kill me.
Forever adrenaline.
Playing a dangerous game.
Every day crossing the lines.
Feeding towards insane.
There’s no way, no way out.
My crave to feel alive will kill me.
Last dose, last hope of life.
Point of no return.
A sight that darkens bad.
World of vultures.
My body is gone.
Don’t fall down.
Only my ashes remain.
My only fate.
My mind played me.
I have betrayed you.


ANNA SAGE was formed in 2012. This Parisian quartet evolved into a dense and, at times, oppressive hardcore group with a sound reminiscent of Botch, Converge and Norma Jean.

Two years after their debut, the band released their first EP entitled The Fourth Wall. This record gained them both recognition and the opportunity to play several shows across Europe including 68 (ex The Chariot), Direwolves, Death Engine, Tesa, Plèvre…

2017 marked a turning point for the band. After a change in the line-up, their sound progressed, inspiring the creation of new songs with a more focused sound.

This year, ANNA SAGE is recording their second EP at Studio Sainte Marthe (FR) with Francis Caste (Kickback, Cowards, Comity). The record, entitled Downward Motion, will be available the 1st December, 2018 on Dingleberry, En Veux Tu En V’La, Itawak and Vox Project.

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