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Lima-Berlin emotional post hardcore / screamo band LÖRI unveils first taste of new album

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The journey of LÖRI , a band hailing from the vibrant streets of Lima, Peru, unfolds like a saga of resilience and artistic metamorphosis. Since their inception in 2013, LÖRI has navigated a path that many bands in the underground scene can resonate with—a tale of creation, disbandment, and rebirth, underpinned by a steadfast commitment to their craft.

The ensemble’s discography, though not extensive, is marked by a single EP, two splits, and a full-length album released in 2016. Their music, a melange of punk, hardcore, post-hardcore, and crust, refuses to be pigeonholed, echoing the band’s DIY ethos.

Despite facing the turbulence of member departures and the global upheaval brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, LÖRI’s core members—Hugo and Sajid—persevered. They found an ally in Azael (Joliette), who contributed to the instrumental recording remotely. The quest for a vocalist, however, prolonged their journey until Nate (Soastasphrenas) stepped in, translating the band’s concept into visceral lyrics.


The question arises—why release an album only to disband? LÖRI’s narrative took an unexpected turn in Berlin. Conversations within the local music scene sparked a resurgence, leading to the addition of Bianca (Older Friends) and Donovan (Korre Sangre), heralding a new chapter for the band.

The upcoming self-titled album, “LÖRI,” slated for release on January 15, 2024, promises a 35-minute auditory journey. The album is a reflection of the band’s journey—ebbing and flowing through various musical landscapes. The first single, “V,” epitomizes this journey.

It starts with an intense burst of emotional hardcore and post-hardcore, the vocals tearing through the melody, climbing towards a climax that intriguingly never arrives. Instead, it transitions into a cathartic, post-rock-inspired soundscape, a testament to the genre’s essence and a harbinger of the album’s depth.

“It tells the story of a person who becomes trapped in a dream from which they cannot wake up, thus making it their new reality.” – comments the band.

“Within this new reality and world, everything appears to be perfect, devoid of war, with equality as the default state. However, this apparent utopia reveals a new type of human being that has been dehumanized by the pursuit of ‘freedom’ and absolute truth. In this dream reality, the dreamer discovers that humans have become more like robots, mechanically following the ‘right’ path, losing their sense of wildness and individuality.”


“The album and its songs narrate the dreamer’s experiences within this ‘new world’, their fight to find others with the same way of thinking, as they start to realize that they are trapped in an endless loop.”

This album is a narrative arc. It tells the story of a dreamer trapped in a utopian yet dehumanized world, exploring themes of freedom, truth, and the loss of wildness in humanity.

It’s an allegory of the modern human condition, where the pursuit of an absolute truth leads to a robotic existence, devoid of individuality.


The album’s production journey is a testament to international collaboration, with instrumental parts recorded in Peru, drums in Mexico, and vocals in Germany. Masterfully mixed by Will Killingsworth and mastered by Jan Oberg, the album’s sonic quality is set to be exceptional. The artwork, a creation of AlexCF, visually encapsulates the album’s thematic essence.


This limited release will be a collaborative effort among several independent labels, each bringing their unique touch to the distribution.


The album will be available in 220 copies of brown, green, and gray 12″ vinyl, through Friendly Otter, Exabrupto Records, Movimiento Circular de los Arboles (MCDLA), Dingleberry Records
New Knee Records, Entes Anomicos, No Funeral Records, and Adagio830.


Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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