NO REAL PIONEERS by Augustė Smailytė
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“No Real Friends” – Lithuania’s post hardcore act NO REAL PIONEERS premiere poignant debut LP

NO REAL PIONEERS by Augustė Smailytė
Vilnius’ NO REAL PIONEERS never seem entirely comfortable with being described as a strict post hardcore band and their kind of asserted this in with their new song “Song of Sirens”, drawing from both emotional screamo and post hardcore, and incorporating a variety of their own individual take on the well established sound. Today, we’re giving you an exclusive first listen of “No Real Friends”, the band’s first full-length album, slated for the official premiere on July 11th.

Here’s what the band had to say about the record, its creative process, meaning, and lyrical content:

The album was recorded in our own small studio. Drummer Lukas was behind all the recording and mixing process. It took us longer than expected, but DIY.

We started working on the album about a year ago. Writing songs, finishing existing ones. In the process we fell a little bit apart as friends, stopped hanging out all three of us together, meeting only in studio. This is where album name “No Real Friends” came from. Also, the artwork of the album shows two of us separated from the third one.

Work, studio, home. As the creative part of this routine was fun, everything else around was becoming blurry, unclear. You start to ask questions. Is this is the life I want? Should I go with a flow and wait for some kind of a miracle that would change everything?

The lyrics speak about insecurities, about the life we have, about the choices we fail to make. Building up a career, seeking for ultimate success, fame. But does it make you happy? So many questions, yet so few answers. This is about the ones who feel lost and helpless in today’s world.

Mastered by Aivaras Onaitis / Recorded and mixed by Lukas Jankauskas / Photography by Augustė Smailytė / Artwork by Šarūnė Bručaitė

No Real Pioneers is a three-piece band from Vilnius, Lithuania. Originally formed in 2011 in Alytus. The band released a demo and two EP’s – “Every Inch is a Hope” and “Renounce”. Toured Baltic states, eastern part of Europe, played gigs with Viva Belgrado, Hexis, Centuries, Life In Vacuum and many many others.

The band’s line-up is: Gabrielius – guitar, voice, screams; Karolis – bass; Lukas – drums.


NO REAL PIONEERS live by Justesmhwr (top and lower photo) and FiftyFifty (mid-pics)

“No Real Friends” – Lithuania’s post hardcore act NO REAL PIONEERS premiere poignant debut LP
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