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LIZARD HAVE PERSONALITIES interviewed by Real Screamo blog

LIZARD HAVE PERSONALITIES were recently interviewed by Real Screamo blog.


To start things off, how did the legend of ‘Lizards Have Personalities’ begin?

Andrew: Paul and I had gotten assigned to be roommates randomly in the college dorms while attending the University of Kansas. We didn’t really talk for the first month or so, I think. One day I heard him listening to some awesome screamo music (I think it was the Thursday / Envy Split?). After that we realized that we both liked a lot of the same music, so we decided to start Lizards. Shortly after, I wrote In All Honesty. We recorded it with my friend Kerry and, since we didn’t have a drummer, we programmed most of them (that’s why they sound kinda funky). Our friend Joel joined our band after that and played drums / co-wrote some for Snows of Kilimanjaro and all the material up to the Adaje split. Unfortunately, he had to move away for graduate school after our 2011 tour. We picked up our friend Patrick, who played drums for us on the Adaje split, but he had to quit after because of time issues and other commitments. Since we have mega back drummer luck, I just played drums on the Real Screamo comp song.

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