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LOMA PRIETA streaming new album “Last” – US dates coming up

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Loma Prieta, the renowned punk band hailing from San Francisco, CA, has unveiled their latest album, “Last.” With nearly two decades of evolution and musical exploration, Loma Prieta has consistently elevated the post-punk sub-genre to high art while staying true to the heartfelt essence that lies at its core. Each release from the band serves as an artistic reflection of their personal growth amidst the complexities of the world we all inhabit.

Recorded by the talented engineer Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden Studios (known for his work with Deafheaven and Gouge Away), “Last” comprises eleven powerful songs that have taken shape amidst the turbulence the world has collectively faced over the past years. The emotional tension embedded within each track is palpable, at times unraveling contemplatively with delicate melodies and at others exploding with sonic violence. Each song gives voice to the manic nature of the modern human experience.

Loma Prieta demonstrates that change can be embraced without sacrificing authenticity. “Last” is an intriguing and captivating listen that transcends traditional musical boundaries, taking listeners on a journey through different states of consciousness. It encourages introspection about life’s fleeting nature and the ultimate insignificance we all inevitably encounter.

From the opening track, “Last City,” to the album’s title track, Loma Prieta delivers a farewell that resonates deeply. If this is indeed their swan song, the band has undeniably solidified their status as an underground screamo band, leaving a lasting imprint on the genre. “Last” is an outstanding creation that deserves recognition for its distinctiveness and thought-provoking nature.

Despite its complexity, “Last” remains accessible to both long-time fans and those discovering Loma Prieta for the first time. For the latter, it serves as a remarkable entry point to the band’s discography. However, it is important not to stop here, as Loma Prieta’s back catalog is filled with multiple timeless classics, each bearing its own distinct mark of quality.

Loma Prieta’s “Last” is an album that demands attention. It is a powerful and evocative offering that showcases the band’s ability to create music that transcends traditional genres.


Catch the band live at the following dates:

6/30 Oakland, CA Ivy Room
7/1 Chicago, IL Beat Kitchen+
7/2 Detroit, MI Sanctuary+
7/3 Grand Rapids, MI Pyramid Scheme+
7/4 Toronto, ON Garrison+
7/5 Montreal, QC Bar Le Ritz PDB+
7/6 Pawtucket, RI Machines with Magnets+
7/7 Brooklyn, NY TV Eye+
7/8 Philadelphia, PA Milk Boy*
7/9 Baltimore, MD Metro Gallery*
7/10 Cleveland, OH No Class*

w/ Frail Body +
w/ Eyelet *โ€

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