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LOMA PRIETA streaming new songs!

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LOMA PRIETA have premiered 2 new tracks that certainly prove their new album is amazing and worth the wait. “Love” comes from the band’s upcoming “Self Portrait” album and “Trilogy 0 (Debris)” is an exclusive B-Side, also recorded during the “Self Portrait” sessions with engineer Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden Recording Studio (DEAFHEAVEN, etc). These racks are fantastic and show their willingness to expand. Highly recommended.

LOMA PRIETA‘s new album “Self Portrait” will be supported by a lengthy touring schedule, detailed at this location.


Love :

I cause disease
I cost us the war
I keep shooting at the sun
what goes up most come down
divide by zero
mutually assured
I lost my ease
I’m skittish
I’m behind glass
try to turn it off like its a water main
but you have to cross this river
flowing at full spate
I think I’m the sun
I’m radiant
protect your eyes
I think I’m the sun and the planets revolve around me
I wonder if life on earth exists without lights
I’m radiant
behind glass
I’m dying, I know that I’m dying
I mean it, I mean it, I mean it, I mean it, I mean it
how many mean its’ does it take to prove your love?

Trilogy 0 (Debris):

tomb desecration
you are captivating
taking me hostage
tarnished heirloom
throw it out
after all these years we can’t stand each other
forget the switch, paint the bulb out
you don’t know hate til you see it in yourself
it’s pitch black inside of the body
the best days have come?
the best days have gone.
throw it out.

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