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VENOM PRISON slashes with a new track called “The Primal Chaos”

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Deathb metallic hardcore band VENOM PRISON have released a new track off their new 7″ on Soaked In Torment Records. Pre-order the record here and dive into the ghoulish evil offering below.


Babylon the whore

see the shame of Mother Whore
burn – watch it burn
renounced, stripped naked
you eat from my flesh
I’m coming back to desolate the land
are you afraid of babylon the great?
burning the flames of discontent
and you have no escape

see the shame of Mother Whore
Ashes to ashes
dust to dust

witness a woman rising from the ashes
riding upon the seven heads of blasphemy
I am vengeance for countless rapes and murders
your children slaughtered for their fathers guilt
filling the crimson rivers of devout streets
are you afraid of babylon the great?

all shall see the shame of Mother Whore

Babylon the Whore
Babylon the Whore

The band’s debut EP was released in January 2015 and can be streamed right here:

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