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Long Beach emotive indie rockers BAY WEATHER premiere new dreamy single “Time”

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BAY WEATHER is a band from Southern California, that aggressively combines narrative and hook to depict the neurosis of an average twenty-something. Brett, the band’s vocalist, left a small agrarian town in Northern California and found himself making a series of crippling decisions. These experiences inform and fuel the sound and lyrics of BAY WEATHER and their debut single “Time”. He isn’t as expressive as his emo ancestors, but he does effectively bring their stylings together in an interesting new way, without losing your sense of self in the process. Listen below.

Brett’s been making music since high school but after graduating, he had struggled to finish or release anything. After couple of tough couple of years caused by Brett’s own bad habit and bad decisions, he started taking steps forward to pursue his greatest passion. With a new found self awareness, he sought help to keep him on track and collaborated in this creative endeavor. Growing up playing shows together, Jesse was a perfect fit and now they have a strong flow of songs being finished and ready for release.

BAY WEATHER is playing an art collective event in Costa Mesa on September 9th and is currently planning a week long Winter tour up the west coast to Seattle and will be embarking on a longer tour for Summer 2018.

BAY WEATHER is: Brett Schuber (Guitar/Vocals), Kyle Mueller (Drums), Jesse Lai (Guitar), and Jordan Redin (Bass).

Brett commented:

“In 2010, I recorded a demo of ‘Time‘ using the mic on one of those old blue iMac’s. I used an organ I bought for $25 at a thrift store and hit my chest as a kick drum. I was always really proud of that recording but also always wanted to rerecord it. The song deals with both sides of a relationship when one person falls out of love and the other is left in love and expressing the way each person sees it. It was also meant to be about pursuing your passions and the timing involved with making them happen. When I finally sat down to rerecord the song I wrote the last part as a plea to care enough to keep trying and when the song was finished it was a foundation of what we want to accomplish with this project and seemed like a perfect first release.


I’ve been playing in other bands with all of the guys since we were in high school up in Northern California. It’s the most natural lineup and I’m grateful for the way we support each other and the music. We all grew up on bands like Brand New, Death Cab For Cutie, Jack’s Mannequin, as well as other emo bands from the mid 2000s and we’re inspired by the dedication from fans of the current alt/emo movement (i.e., TigersJaw, Basement, Turnover) and we have a passion to be able to connect with as many people as we can through our music the way we connected with the bands we grew up on.”

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