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Bielefeld powerviolence pack WEAK TIES premiere new self-titled record!

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The track that opens the debut record from Bielefeld, Germany based powerviolent hardcore pack WEAK TIES leaves no doubt about the insane nature of the record, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. The rest of the tracks won’t give you significantly more breathing room and they serve as the perfect vessel for all kinds of emotions. In another place and time, with such an uncompromising and fierce offering they could lead it to widespread acclaim and recognition. We’re truly curious to see where they go.

WEAK TIES‘ debut 12” is out now via Contraszt! Records, who commented on the record by stating:

Raging new Powerviolence band from Bielefeld. features members from other quality bands like UNRU and Sømerset.

WEAK TIES combine fast, ’80s-influenced hardcore, thrashing blast beats, female vocals and urgent lyrics on there first album. 12 Track – 16 Minutes. Think of PUNCH vs. HOLY in Charles Bronson’s garage! Oh Yeah!

Asked about the story behind this project, the band offered us the following:

Basically, Sven always tries to make it a progressive sounding band, Laura wants to do in-your-face Powerviolence, Fizzel would like the band to sound more like Blink 182 and Stephan still misses the old Ceremony. In the end, nobody felt like they really got what they wanted, but nevertheless the result made us more than happy and the songs are fun to play. People helping us, spending time, giving us many opportunities during the last years were great experiences and we hope, we now can give you something back.

Pressing Info: 250x Blue Vinyl / 250x Orange Vinyl / WEAK TIES are: Fizzel, Stephan, Laura and Sven.



Live photo by Déé X Géé

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