LOST LOVE by Pier-Anne Bilodeau
LOST LOVE by Pier-Anne Bilodeau
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LOST LOVE releases Portuguese Knives, a track about a fictional city suffocated by violence and vandalism

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A couple of months since their special feature here on IDIOTEQ, Montreal’s LOST LOVE releases Portuguese Knives today, a catchy new track about a fictional city suffocated by violence and vandalism.

As we expected, Lost Love offers us a nice little home made video, where the band’s drummer, Vinny, runs down a street with a broken porto bottle in his hands, to protect himself against any eventuality.

I had a dream, but how it changed so quickly
The street came alive with smoke, sirens and panic
We were watching zombie movies, now we’re living zombie lives

In this regard, its frontman Guilhem Benard explains that the song reflects the emergency that the band tries to transmit through their new album.

“The song is about the frustration of seeing a lot of problems, but no solutions. Portuguese Knives is a reflection of the state of the world right now. Sadly, we may have to break bottles of porto in the near future. We hope not, but we may not have a choice.” He concludes with a smile.

LOST LOVE by Pier-Anne Bilodeau
LOST LOVE by Pier-Anne Bilodeau

Lost Love will release their fourth album EMPATHY on October 15th via the Fantasio Club label.

Written and composed by Benard, with Marc-André Beaudet (Sainte Catherines) on sound and mix, this new opus deals with themes of mental health, feeling useless in a world that is quietly destroying itself, how social networks affect our lives and our relationships, and more specifically about the fact that we have become a nation divided by too many political opinions and current events.

With his sensitive songwriting, Benard has succeeded in creating an album of 12 concise, hard-hitting songs that feel like a little punk-rock bomb. Each song gives the warm desire to do a little air guitar on the tip of our feet and sing along with our friends. Lost Love offers here a fourth well-crafted album that will surely please the fans of PUP, The Menzingers, Dead To Me, My Chemical Romance and Tom Petty.

Founded in 2013, Lost Love is a melodic pop punk band from Montreal, characterized by their catchy choruses and eternal optimism.

The band has played over 350 shows in more than 15 countries across Europe and North America, gaining new fans with their unique sound. On their fourth full-length album, EMPATHY, Lost Love builds on everything they’ve learned over the past eight years and ups the stakes by adding a sense of emergency to their sound. Change is in Lost Love’s own DNA. They never stop growing.

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