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LOW STANDARDS, HIGH FIVES: Italian indie emo rockers explain their new record

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LOW STANDARDS, HIGH FIVES, a three-guitars indie band from Turin, Italy found inspiration for their latest album in the still vital catalogue of 90’s/00’s emo acts like American Football, The Appleseed Cast, and The Promise Ring…), and you can literally kindles that same nostalgic feeling throughout. “Are We Doing the Best We Can?” is no novelty act, but the quintet has surely delivered a touching, subtle, yet dynamic and spirited, gratifying work that we’re pleased to present for your listening pleasure. We have teamed up with the band to give you a closer look at the record and unveil the first hand commentary on each and every track!

“Raucous post-punk guitar assaults infused with an inescapable melodic sensibility – for lovers of Sunny Day Real Estate, The Promise Ring, American Football and The Appleseed Cast…”

Recorded live and mixed by Mànuel Volpe @ Spazio Rubedo in Torino, mastered by saffmastering.com in Chicago, “Are We Doing the Best We Can?” by LOW STANDARDS, HIGH FIVES is out now via Engineer Records, Bandcamp, and Spotify. Artwork by Carlo Di Stefano of wakeuproad.com.

Low Standards, High Fives

Bite Me

We weren’t happy with this song until we actually heard it recorded. We were listening to it in the studio, and I bit my hand while eating pizza (that sounds very Italian, I know)… and that’s where the title came from. The lyrics are about those moments that you feel like you can’t make it on your own, and need someone to “wake you up” (maybe biting you, indeed).

Silent Decor

This is the first single off of the record. It’s a song with no real chorus (we don’t like easy solutions, basically). It’s about those people that share their time with you only if and when you are able to give them what they want. They make you feel like nothing is free… but friendship should be.

Night Seeds

Sometimes you can’t avoid asking yourself if you’re happy with your life. Well, it may be good not to kick those thoughts out of your mind, and to just face them. They are like seeds; something beautiful can grow out of them.

The Twist

Despite the title this is not a party song. It’s about the annoying reality that some of the people you call friends may not be there when you need help. Not because they can’t… just because they may have better things to do. And that (to me) feels like a twist, just like the ones in movies. Still, it’s a great feeling when you actually get the chance to meet people that are there when you need them… the real friends. So who knows… “maybe you’re the one”.

Remember Me

An old song we re-arranged and decided to re-record. We repeat the same 8 words on and on. It’s about (sad) giving less attention to those who love you, than to those who hate you and treat you badly. And they usually know it, those bastards… “Remember me, ‘cause I will let you down”

Just Like Silence

The “pop” song of the record. Sometimes coherence is just like silence; it goes away the exact moment you name it. So just do it, maybe don’t even say it.

Slow Dancers in a Rush Hour

We love to start our shows with this one, because it has this long instrumental intro (a good way to warm up and break the ice). Again, we repeat the same words on and on. It’s about slowing down in a fast world.

Crazy Boy

This is the first song we wrote back in 2012. For some reason, people think it’s a new one (it feels good to know your music doesn’t necessarily get old with you). The lyrics are about a mother talking to her son, who beats her and he is leaving home… she’s asking him to prove her he’s not crazy, she’s telling him the door will be open, in case he decides to come back home.

Distance by Connection

The last song we wrote before entering the studio / the last song on the record. These days we’re all connected to the internet 24/7, but we’re also much less able to communicate with the people around us, and that’s seriously weird. It really feels as though we’re distanced by connection. Please prove us wrong. Hug people, look them in the eyes, talk with them, and take care of the ones you love.

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