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“Moonstomp” – Iowa grinders CLOSET WITCH premiere new song & video!

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While Iowa based powerviolent grind hardcore pack CLOSET WITCH succeed in corrode their influences throughout, but they also find some space to add their own personal flair, and their new single & video “Moonstomp” is a great proof of that. The track comes from their upcoming new record slated for a June 12th release through Halo of Flies records (second to last release ever for the label!), Sassbologna Records, Jems, React With Protest, Circus of the Macabre, and Don’t Care Records, and was inspired by the band’s vocalists Mollie Piatetsky’s surprising encounter with nature:

The lyrics from Moonstomp were inspired by a run I went on at Wild Cat Den in Muscatine, Iowa one day alone. I followed a deer path that i thought was a regular path and ended up running and sliding down a hill only to find a waterfall hidden at the bottom. It was beautiful, refreshing. An experience I needed…I had a hard time getting back up the hill when I finally walked away from the cold, trickling water.

Here’s what the band’s bassist Cory Peak had to say about the music video:

I started drawing the video in August of 2017 and have been working on it off and on until a couple of weeks ago – I pretty much just drew whatever came to mind, no story board or strategic planning).


CLOSET WITCH will be doing a bunch of live dates in May and June with EUTH, CLOUD RAT, and a couple of shows with ’68, BEREFT, FULL OF HELL, and SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY:

CLOSET WITCH tour dates

CLOSET WITCH band by Kaytlin Dargen
CLOSET WITCH band by Kaytlin Dargen

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