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Machine Master Demon Dream – psych garage rockers QUEEN GIZA streaming new record

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Evil robot garage psych rock experimentalists from QUEEN GIZA have released their first full length, available for streaming below. Dubbed a two act rock opera with the following plot, the record is largely inspired by PINK FLOYD’s Animals, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE’s self-titled, and THEE OH SEES’ Mutilator – as well as Charles Beaumont and Thomas Ligotti’s writing. “Machine Master Demon Dream” is all-encompassing experience, and faintly exhausting for that, but all its odd moments and unearthly atmoshere are well worth the trek. It will do strange things to your mind.

An old man builds a humanoid in his younger image, implanting his memories; the robot discovers what he is, hunts down and kills creator with some difficulties (Machine Master Side), and then the creator has a postmortem dream/nightmare focused on losing his soul to the robot/demons/devil (Demon Dream Side). The 2nd side is formatted around the stages of sleep/dreaming and the bodily/brain functions, and all songs flow into each other.

The amazing cover art by a young French artist, Etienne Puaux.

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