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Manchester alt post hardcore punks BIG PROBLEM premiere new video for “Traction Slips”

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Manchester’s BIG PROBLEM returns with a new musc video for their song “Traction Slips,” a track from their debut EP, “Morbid Pace“, featured on IDIOTEQ earlier this year. Released on March 29, 2024, this EP encapsulates the band’s raw energy and thematic depth, exploring the chaotic yet oddly fulfilling moments of life.

Traction Slips” opens with a hypnotic bass line and Phil Bowman’s evocative vocals, painting a vivid picture of nocturnal drives under street lights.

The lyrics reflect a paradoxical serenity found only in the late hours: “It’s alright driving this late at night / And I feel fine bathing under the street light.” This sense of calm contrasts sharply with the song’s chorus, where the precarious nature of control is acknowledged: “It fades away / The traction it slews away / The distance it slips away.”

BIG PROBLEM Manchester

Formed by Phil Bowman (bass/vocals), Jake Hardie (guitar/backing vocals), and John Hinde (drums/backing vocals/percussion), BIG PROBLEM draws heavy inspiration from bands like MILITARIE GUN, DRUG CHURCH, and FUGAZI.

Their DIY ethos shines through in every aspect of their work, from self-recorded sessions in their practice rooms to the intimate voice samples woven throughout the EP. John Hinde’s brother, James, contributed an old space echo unit that adds a unique sonic texture, binding the tracks together in a seamless narrative.

Our new video for “Traction Slips” was edited and filmed by our friend Callum Baker.” – comments John. “The footage is made up from shots of a couple of shows in March with our friends in Mercury and Generation, and B roll from our previous two videos by our friend Sam. The theme reflects the lyrics in finding peace in a late night drive, traveling with friends, as the journey is slipping away.

BIG PROBLEM, by Luke Allen

“Loved working with the boys on this. I didn’t have a concrete vision going into the project, because when making something with footage gathered in the field, you have to be reactive rather than prescriptive.” – adds Callum Baker, who filmed and edited the video.

” I’m not much of a ‘planner’, so seeing how something unfolds and hoping for the best works well for me. I really love the Big Problem EP, so all I knew was I wanted to do something that was a credit to the great work they did on the record. The video is punctuated with shots of night time drives, which links in with the album’s concept. Beyond that, I just wanted to try and represent how fun the shows had been”.

This is the final song and video from the band’s debut EP “Morbid Pace”.

“The idea was to have a video for each song to reflect the themes and energy of the lyrics / music, then have the videos seamlessly transition into each other and loop back around to be beginning the same way the songs do.” – adds the band.

Big Problem plan on recording some new music in the very near future so keep your eyes peeled on that.

The EP “Morbid Pace” explores the dichotomy of mundane activities and the contrasting feelings they evoke.

As John Hinde explains, “Thematically, the record is about the monotony and frustration of having to complete mundane activities, contrasted against those same activities when you actually want to do them. It’s the frustration of driving to work versus the pleasure of driving with friends.”

The production of the EP was a collective effort. John Hinde handled recording, mixing, and producing, while the mastering was done by Grant Berry at Fader Mastering. The artwork, created by CHIO, visually complements the EP’s thematic core, capturing the everyday drudgery juxtaposed with fleeting moments of joy.

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