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Math / experimental screamo act TERRY GREEN premiere a fine-crafted, insanely listenable record

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Canadian experimental, multi-faceted screamo quintet TERRY GREEN produce an amalgamate work aimed at expressing various emotions and perhaps challenging different perspectives about certain genres in a range of contexts. They have released just one EP and a split recording, but it’s enought to tell it’s sure to tug at the core of the listener’s heart. Today, they’re streaming their debut LP, which drops this Friday August 25th on tastemaking label Zegema Beach Records. It’s an offering precise in how it evokes its emotion, casting many scenes and unquestionably celebrating the band’s growth.

Adrian (vocals) commented:

We went into writing these songs like as we would with any other material but what came out sounded a lot louder and noisier then the previous stuff. Definitely a lot less “poppy” and more “mature” than “Visiting Hours”, maybe a representation of us growing up a little bit? The guitars are feed-backing all over the place, the drums are faster, and the songs flow seamlessly together as one complete piece of work.

Lyrically, the tracks are still a bit autobiographical, but I definitely tried to make it all more vague and open for interpretation. With that all being said, the riffs are sick and we hope everyone likes it.

TERRY GREEN are: Adrian (vocals), Matt (guitar), Louis (bass) and Adam (drums).

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