CRUSH THE DEMONIAC photo Danielle Michelle Annetts
CRUSH THE DEMONIAC photo Danielle Michelle Annetts
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Melbourne hardcore pack CRUSH THE DEMONIAC channel their own take on CRO-MAGS vibes in new power single “Fugitive Soundz”

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Melbourne based CRUSH THE DEMONIAC return with their new 7” EP “Fugitive Sounds”, bringing three more tracks of their Cro Mags/Leeway NYHC sound displayed on Celestial World Order debut on Life.Lair.Regret Records from Australia. Recorded and mixed by Mike D of YLVA, High Tension, the new joint is up now for pre-order at Ante Up Distro (UK) and LLR (AUS), and today we’re giving you a proper jab with hard hitting new single “Look Who It Ain’t”. Listen below, get more details through our special first-hand commentary offer by the band and scroll down for another new track, previously released EP closer “9 Livez”.

Comments the band: “The lyrics are about being a more ‘mature’ person still in a hardcore band. I’m struggling to tow the line of celebrating very surface buzz words that are somehow guides to live by. Although I’m serving my vanity by keeping playing, I’m disgusted by others doing the same.

Recording with Mike Deslandes is always a pleasure. He’s super chill and ultra professional. The record has turned out killer and I usually hate the recording process, but this time round was a blessing.”

Asked about the backstory of the band, they continued: “So the band had been me and my mate Sam on the first two recordings. Then we booked a show like a year later, got mates to join. Sam quit. Charlie joined we recorded something in Dans (guitarist) house. It came out two years later … it kinda didn’t do much. Cale joined.

Thought about changing the band name to FUGITIVE (cos obviously I’m obsessed with the cro mags). We recorded this. They were gonna be the FUGITIVE songs. But it was essentially still CTD and that how we came up with the name Fugitive Soundz for the ep.”

Covid-19 lockdown

“Unfornately with Covid there’s nothing planned but hopefully in a not too distant future shows will be back. No tours. We’re trying to organise practice but nothing has come to fruition yet. Hopefully soon!”

Cale continues: “Coronavirus has been a blessing for actually forcing me to sit down and write music, but is has been equally as deteriorating. Really hoping we can all bounce back from this as a band and come back better than ever.”

Black Lives Matter protests:

“The protests are obviously incredibly important and way overdue. Also it’s really forced many of us to really examine the real state of things . Despite identifying as not being racist. Recognising that so much of how we live is based on very racist constructs. Australia is a country built on genocide. And the dehumanisation of the original owners of the land. To this day those people suffer from heavy systemic racism as well as very open discrimination. Just cos on the surface level this country is deemed to be ‘the lucky country’. It is at the expense of other lives. That has to cease completely. And first that means dismantling the current ‘justice’ system. Racism in law enforcement isn’t unique to America. The police here are not much better. They need to be held accountable for deaths of aboriginal people in custody.”

Cale: “The protests all over the world just show that people are fed up with the current state of things. Hopefully the momentum sticks. Police are being held accountable to some degree in the states but here in Australia, Indigenous deaths in police custody are disgusting. Deaths have continued since 1991. Between 1991 and June 2020 there have been at least 437 Indigenous deaths in custody. I suggest people do their research and look into these issues. We need to call out racism when we see it or hear it. We need to have these uncomfortable conversations and educate others.”

Crush The Demoniac

Melbourne hardcore scene:

“Local scene So the scene here is kinda fractured. But I think there is a big push to try and rebuild it. Especially with loss of shows due to covid. Different sub genres seem to have there own thing going on . And all have pros and cons. I’d like to see more fun and less violence.”

Cale: “The impact of coronavirus has really put a huge sting on the Melbourne scene, but I am hoping that when things go back to normal, people may appreciate having music again – especially hardcore.”

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Crush The Demoniac

Look who it ain’t lyrics:

all we do
is suffer fools
served as insightful Jewels
But every word
still on my lips
Naive songs
, (caught in)routines grips
And I hear that swans
dying song
A bloated diva
croons along
Cliches , and excuses (caught in )my throat
Neither love nor hate
But I’m no turncoat

Content to suffer fools

I loathe your
love and commitment
I hate your
Heart felt sentiment
But if my only options are to adore or depart
I dig my heals in and play the part

Bloodshot windows to the soul
Exhausted apathetic
But it’s all I know
Still that crushing rhythm still in my ears
And scream along
Regardless of who cares
Yes I’m content to suffer fools
I’m no better
I’m one too
Adolescences to here right now
Still not ready to that

Not gladly

Yes I’m content to suffer fools
To get mine
I’ll endure you

One day I will have to

( crush these fools)

Can’t take all the lies
Gotta crush these fools in my life
Fuck all the false wise
Gotta crush these fools in my life

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