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Metal/hardcore mob COURT ORDER rocks dual baritone seven strings in their new heavy jam “Split Between A Dream And A Failure”

A couple of months after our recent track by track special, Brooklyn, NYC, metal/hardcore pack COURT ORDER are back to our pages, this time with their new music video premiere, visualizing the lyrical content of the song “Split Between A Dream And A Failure” and showcasing their groovy, powerful live performance.

“Split Between A Dream And A Failure” is a turning point for the band. “The song is about the duality of emotions we experience during personal progress; once being self-validated and at our best, then suddenly low and deteriorated as opportunities close around us.” – explains COURT ORDER.

“Written and recorded in August 2020 as Earth shut down during the campaign for the our self-titled release, we persisted to navigate the era by doing what we do best while promoting our latest EP; write passionate songs about it and focus on what we could control.”

“It is the first track that features dual baritone seven strings. To me it’s reminiscent of Korn and their super low end pummeling layered with eclectic leads, that showcase the band’s intricate ability to tie in animated effects to take their sound to the next level and is a turning point for us as a band.”

Court Order band - SBADAAF Official Music Video Cover

COURT ORDER by by Eduardo Ruiz (@mylegsgavein)

The new video

“We took our influence for this last video from recent Converge and Norma Jean videos, honestly.” – says the band.

“Two legacy bands that have influenced this band since its inception. A glimpse at “A Single Tear” and “Everything Louder Than Everything Else” are the first two that come to mind. We also love what the indie scene is bringing back, with videos that look like they were filmed with VHS and legacy recorders, even though this release is far from that.”

Some favorite all time videos, by COURT ORDER:

Court Order

COURT ORDER by by Eduardo Ruiz (@mylegsgavein)

Nine Inch Nails “The Perfect Drug”

A total classic, highlighting a jumbled narrative, formula color, and thematic elements.

Korn’s “A.D.I.D.A.S.”

An epic turning moment in the narrative for metal videos that resonated with me when I was a kid that showed the power that a band’s visuals can have.

Most hardcore bands do live videos, but System Of A Down’s “Chop Suey” is probably one of the best live performance videos ever.

Just think of that alley the band is in, and what that day must’ve been like for their fans who were there for the shoot.

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