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Screamo & Post Hardcore Shorts of the week of February 19th

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This week, the screamo scene is ablaze with fresh releases that span the spectrum from melodic post hardcore to raw skramz. TOMB TREE TAPES drops HORSEBOY’s “Horseboy”, BURIAL ETIQUETTE touches hearts with “In Memory of Myah Sage,” blending punk, emo, and post-hardcore in a poignant tribute. HEAVENLY BLUE’s “Static Voice Speaks To Static Me” rips through the silence with post-hardcore fury, while FOXTAILS’ “home” EP delves deep into the interplay of screamo and emo with introspective lyricism. Ebullition Records’ repress of ORCHID’s “Chaos Is Me” reminds us of the lasting impact of screamo legends. There’s more! Browse through it all below.

Screamo / Post Hardcore / Emoviolence / Screamy Emo / 90s Post Hardcore

Emocat Records has released “A Benefit Compilation For Palestine,” a collection of tracks from various artists in the screamo, emo hardcore, and lo-fi hardcore vatiations.

The “A Benefit Compilation For Palestine” includes tracks from Clay Birds, Terrifying Girls’ High School, Fainting in Coils, Geronimo Stilton, onewaymirror, Theodore War, and Valeska Suratt.

All profits from the tape, digital, and streaming sales will be donated to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, making it not just a musical endeavor but also a charitable one.

Tomb Tree Tapes unleashes HORSEBOY’s latest screamo fury, a sonic riot titled “Horseboy,” packed with six tracks that bulldoze through the boundaries of screamo, hardcore, and noise rock.

Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, and echoing the sass and intensity of bands like The Blood Brothers and Akimbo, HORSEBOY delivers a frenetic blend of hardcore and screamo, dubbed “horsecore” by those in the know.

Released digitally by the band on October 13, 2023, and physically on February 19, 2024, “Horseboy” is not just an EP; it’s a statement piece, a cacophony of equestrian-themed chaos that’s already being hailed as CanaDave’s EP of the year for 2023. Get ready to be trampled by the raw, unfiltered energy of HORSEBOY.

The cassette release sees a limited run of 63 tapes, divided into unique variants: 33 “Horsepiss” swirl, 20 “Horses Can Be Yellow”, 5 “Horseshit Brown”, and 5 test dips with matching swirl cases, each accompanied by a double-sided j-card. These collectibles are a must-have for aficionados of the genre, available through Zegema Beach Records’ distribution in both the U.S. and internationally.

Recorded and mixed by band member Matt Perrin, with mastering by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios, “Horseboy” promises an unbridled auditory experience. The lineup includes Josh Legler on guitar/keys/samples, Stephen Pellerito on bass, Matt Perrin on drums, and Kat Plank’s piercing vocals leading the charge.

STATE FAULTS refreshed their Bandcamp and uploaded a couple of missing releases.

State Faults is gearing up to hit the stage in Los Angeles for Your Renaissance fest on May 24th.


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The band recalled their debut album in their recent post on Facebook:

BURIAL ETIQUETTE from Thunder Bay, Ontario, dropped a poignant 2-song offering titled “In Memory of Myah Sage” on February 18th.

The album pays tribute to the band member’s sister, Myah Sage, with proceeds going to Canadian suicide prevention charities. The release blends elements of punk, emo, and post-hardcore, featuring tracks like “Sage” and “Meaningful Reflection,” alongside an acoustic demo co-written and performed with Myah. The album is a heartfelt homage to their bond and musical collaboration, showcasing their shared love for music and each other.

The first single serves as an exhibition of acoustic screamo, while the second manifests as an entity suspended somewhere amidst rugged production and a sound reminiscent of distant echoes bouncing off walls—a hallmark fusion characteristic of this artist, weaving a tapestry of myriad emotions.

It beckons you into an extraordinary melancholic journey, one where you are assuredly invited to inscribe your own experiences or even craft your narrative alongside.

HEAVENLY BLUE just released “Static Voice Speaks To Static Me”, a blistering single that’s all raw emotion and fast-paced screamo intensity.

It’s a tempest of post-hardcore wrapped in an unexpectedly catchy melody that’ll grab you, shaking up with its pure, unapologetic energy.

“We Have The Answer,” scheduled for April 12, 2024, is available for pre-order on Bandcamp via Secret Voice label.

Don’t expect them to offer any cures for existential dread, though—they’re just here to turn up the volume on it. They’re on the cusp of tearing it up on tour with Frail Body starting this March, and they’re pumped to hit the stage at New Friends Fest (see our recent interview HERE), the screamo summer haven.

Connecticut’s FOXTAILS bridges the gap between ugly screamo and beautiful emo with their latest EP “home.”

With tracks like “dereliction,” “dissection,” and “deconstruction,” they offer a raw and emotive journey. This release captures the essence of growth and grief, showcasing the band’s evolution in sound and personal exploration.

Written about a year and a half ago, the EP reflects on the past two years of the band’s journey, encapsulating the challenges and growth experienced during this period. Delayed by perfectionist tendencies and the arduous process of learning mixing and production from scratch, “home” represents a labor of love and resilience.

Ebullition Records represses ORCHID’s legendary album “Chaos Is Me”.

Despite the past slow-burn sales of legendary screamo cornerstone, ORCHID’s “Chaos is Me LP,” the latest pressings flew off the shelves in mere months, a sharp pivot from the years-long ordeal expected based on history. The silver foil edition, thought to be the final press back in 2019, took three years to sell 1,500 copies, reflecting the unpredictable waves of demand in the niche vinyl market.

Kent, from Ebullition, shares his rollercoaster experience with the pressing game, from the decade-spanning sales of STILL LIFE and YAPHET KOTTO LPs to the unexpected quick sell-out of ORCHID’s latest pressings. It’s a tale of persistence, surprises, and the odd resurgence of interest that can suddenly lift an album out of obscurity. As Ebullition gears up to release a new pressing of “Chaos Is Me,” and even teases a fresh release on the horizon, Kent muses on the capricious nature of running a label and the joy of helping seminal bands share their art.

In this journey, the only constant is change, and perhaps, the hope that not all rolls of the dice end in losses.

DAD MAGIC is stoked to announce the drop of their new single “Ego,” setting the tone for 2024 with a bang.

This track is all set to be the anthem for their year, accompanying them through gigs and festivals like Ieperfest and Humo’s Rock Rally, alongside rad support slots with bands like Cancer Bats, Jaguwar, and Stormo.

Merging classic hardcore riffs with an emotively punk chorus, “Ego” embodies the essence of Dad Magic’s sound, reminiscent of acts like Title Fight Drug CHurch & Touché Amoré, with a twist of biting UK punk. Hailing from Ghent, Belgium, this post-hardcore outfit blends emotional hardcore with an energetic twist, guaranteeing a performance that’s both fun and fervent, sincere yet sometimes irreverent, but always outright honest.

SONS OF ALPHA CENTAURI, a UK/US-based post-hardcore outfit featuring vocalist Jonah Matranga from bands Far and Gratitude, is set to release their fourth LP, “Pull,” via Exile On Mainstream Records on March 28th.

The lead single, “Ephemeral,” premiered exclusively on Everything Is Noise.

The album showcases a blend of 1990s post-hardcore and atmospheric dream metal, with influences from Deftones, Far, and Will Haven evident in their sound.

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