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Metallic hardcore pack FINALIZER drops new heavy jam “Misery”; new EP coming up on Injustice Records

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The Berlin based 4 piece Metallic Hardcore group FINALIZER recently put out their new EP called MISERY. Published via INJUSTICE RECORDS their 4th release features 3 tracks which give a taste of the new defined sound and where they want to establish themselves. More than one year after their lastest output BURDEN the band explored new ways to express the built up frustration and energy and funnled these feelings into their writing process.

MISERY was written during the end of 2020. With lowered tuning, a complete swap concerning the distortion of guitars and bass and a more vicious sound overall the EP is set to be the heaviest record of the band so far.

The opening track CUT ME LOOSE revolves around self-determination and the associated struggle inside. Starting the EP with a driving and not too intrusive combination of groove and heaviness the song makes sure to leave noone behind.

The title track MISERY describes the always present fear to be or get overwhelmed by an undefined selfdestructive force that lurks inside you. Pre-released as Single MISERY displays the central point of the EP. Its mood and atmosphere can be visualised both in their lately released music video as well as in the blurred cover-art.


To round off the release VULTURES starts fast, hits hard, builts up and stays in mind. Never try to fuck with the enviroment you live in is the message between the lines.

After signing with INJUSTICE RECORDS the band finally found a new home and a fitting partner in terms of publishing and promotion of new material. With a tape and merch preorder set up, FINALIZER is ready to get back on stage and present their new look.

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