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Coventry emotive post hardcore act METEORS THE ENTIRE NIGHT treads familiar grounds with their debut EP

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More than most other genres and styles of independent music, emotional hardcore punk has been characterized by several drastically different, instantly distinguishable periods including its raw and screamy incarnations from the 90s, as well as more melodious versions from the early 00s era. A lot of popular bands representing the latter, like THE BLED, FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES, A STATIC LULLABY, or HOPESFALL brought a melodic delicacy and more accessible intimacy that didn’t quite exist before and is surely something a lot of fans are personally missing. We are therefore delighted to welcome dozens of worthy bands that bring back memories, comprise the god old raw thrill, while still being able to deliver very satisfying compositional payoffs. Coventry based act METEORS THE ENTIRE NIGHT and their debut record “Descend Towards the Earth” gives us both the opportunity to discover something you were never familiar with and relive something you forgot about years ago. Equal parts emotion and artistry, the quintet delivers heartfelt and heavy music that recalls the emissaries of th early ‘00s and hopefully promises even more complexity and unpredictability in the future.

Coventry, UK’s METEORS THE ENTIRE NIGHT formed in 2016 and play a blend of beautifully savage melodic post-hardcore and heartfelt early screamo (imagine POISON THE WELL and ENVY getting busy with LA DISPUTE and creating a sensual musical love child). Their debut demo EP, Descend Towards The Earth, was released in mid-August and can be listened to and downloaded for free. We caught up with them to find out more about each and every track from their debut offering, and you can see the result below.

Ringpulls & Ceratopsians: A melodic slow burner that lulls listeners into believing they are in a safe place before attempting to rip out the skulls of its listeners with it’s early 2000’s style screamo overtones.

Long Days & Pleasant Nights: A strong and passionate infusion of post-hardcore with pretty guitar riffs, with a minor punkish influence. A real throwback for fans of early From Autumn to Ashes.

What’s Best In Life?: A centre-piece track that brings together a heartfelt set of lyrics with the harshness of a chainsaw to the chin. The track takes you on a rollercoaster ride through ups and downs before crescendoing into a powerful metalesque riff, begging the question “What’s Best in Life?”

Hugh manatee: A breather so you can grab a cup of tea and prepare yourself for the final track.

Existence Is Futile: A final letter to the universe, expanding on the difficulties of life and how everything can bring you down. The track tells you of the frustrations of existing, all to the backdrop of powerful guitars, pulsating bass and forceful drums, coming together at the end for a gang of unruly adults to scream together.

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