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Gloomy post metal / post hardcore act MARRY ME, OCEAN premiere second EP “Knowing//Remembering”

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1,5 year after the release of their debut EP “Morning Rain”, Swedish post hardcore act MARRY ME, OCEAN return with a new record called “Knowing//Remembering”, a well-produced, dense offering that follows the dark themes of its predecessor and takes their sound into a more post-metal direction, unearthing more experimental song structures. “Knowing//Remembering” is about grief, depression, anxiety and failed relantionships and friendships experienced by the band’s members over the last few years. The quintet has locked it in both the most intrinsically emotional, and heartfelt sonic experiment of their short endeavor. The record reframes their music without eroding their still developing identity. Listen and scroll down to see the full track by track commentary offered by the band!

“What We Called Home” is more about the title rather than the lyrics, it’s a direct reference to the metaphor about love being “home”, and when this isn’t the case for two people anymore the structure that remains only creates a “house” they used to live in, where memories are left.
As for the lyrics it follows the theme of the loneliness, angst, frustration and self-blame that one might go through when a relationship or friendship was broken off in a rough manner.

“Stone Garden” is a song talking about a fictional person who ends their life, and we follow their thought process as it ends, and the regret after, thinking that everything might’ve turned for the better and how it wasn’t worth it, so this is sort of our “anti-suicide” song.

“Wither” is about the loss of a loved one, a non-human bestfriend, the emptiness that it brought and the many desperate attempts to cope. This song is dedicated to anyone who has ever lost someone, whether it’s a friend, a loved one, a family member (incl pets), etc. You can also check an article on pet insurance at Fuzzy Rescue.

*Side note that “Knowing, remembering” from the last part in the lyrics (which also is where the EP title comes from) talks about knowing that you couldn’t change what happened, but always remembering and cherishing those memories made together, this, of course, can also be put into most of our songs in similar, or different ways.

“Dear Resentment” is about the feeling of neglect, and the anger, from trying to get out of your comfort zone for someone else, trying to make them happy or satisfied, but still getting little to no recognition of your many attempts, even if it left you exhausted and more so broken, sometimes even more lonely feeling than before,

It somewhat continues on the “love” theme of “What We Called Home” but in a more frustrating, angry and direct manner, and talks about the struggles with self-deprecation and depression.

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