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Milan hardcore act COUNCIL OF RATS premiere new track “Flaws”!

Slated for a March 1st release via Per Koro RecordsSonatine Produzioni and Shove Records, “Coarse” the newest record from COUNCIL OF RATS may not push boundaries, but instead, it’s a skilled synthesis of the many strains of DIY hardcore punk community flourishing, from nods to more metallic, powerviolence tinged explosions to mid-paced power deliveries. Their new single “Flaws” is a supremely listenable joint, loaded with fierce vocals, murderous riffs and it’s streaming exclusively right here! “Flaws” is definitely worth a listen, so be sure to check it out and stay tuned for full album stream soon!

The band commented on the record:

This is our second full lenght, rather than a concept album, Coarse is more like a container of raw emotions and vivid images put into music.

Although the tracks vary in tempo and mood the whole picture takes a much more spot on impression at what our previous work (Ill Weathers) was pointing at.

It took us more than a year from the planning stages to the final mastering, we can’t wait to play it and share it with everyone.

Band photo by HC Steve / Cover art by El Carlo A Secas.


Dig dig deep
Into the gold of my bones
The lead from your fangs
The weight on my spine
Set to discord abuse
Bring forth and wear me down
The lead from your fangs
The weight on my spine
The lead from your fangs
It weakens my jaded crown
And lacquers my soul
With the brightest crimson
The lead from your fangs
A treasure within the gold of my bones
I want to settle
Void of cancer
Free from corrosion
Forever lifeless
And as the ghost abandons me
Let these fragments of passion dwell
Like buried commitment stem from the wretched
Be brave beloved
And take root between the cracks on my skull

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