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Milan vicious grindcore band REJEKTS bring annihilation with their new EP

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Italian ruthless grindcore powerpack REJEKTS and Slaughterhouse Records have teamed up with us to give you an exclusive premiere of the band’s new explosive EP called “Triratna”, taking you on an extreme journey with an interesting concept smothered beneath the bleak surface. Buckle up and prepare to get a bit more fatigued than usual when being enraptured by deathly paced, extreme riffs, breakneck drumming or unearthly, vicious vocals. Listen to the full record below.

The band commented on the record:

Triratna. The body, the mind, the soul: a journey to the divine nature of man through his imperfections.
Triratna is the Sanskrit word for ìthree jewelsî or ìthree gemsî, that stand for the main guiding principles in oriental philosophy.
We were inspired by this 3 way division to explore the 3 sides of human nature through our music.
Each track is a unique take on one of these sides: 3 different voices that describe the same subject from
3 different points of view.  Drawing together the true nature of man.

Artwork by Francesco Nozza “Noha” Artworks

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