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“Mirror” – emotive hardcore band ERAI premiere new track

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New emo / screamo tinged post hardcore band ERAI are teaming up with one of the coolest European DIY record labels lifeisafunnything to release their debut 6-track 12”, and we’re super stoked to give you their newest track “Mirror”, an ear-cathing jam that wears its heart on its sleeve and primises a worthwhile record that leaves you bruised. Give it a listen below and scroll down to see the official word from the band.

ERAI commented on the new track:

Mirror is the third track on our record and the second that we have released to our adoring public. Lifeisfunny a label based in Germany is releasing the record on 12” later this year and winter is a perfect time of year to listen to epic songs about sadness and death! We really wanted to stretch ourselves in terms of narrative and I wanted this to be reflected in the lyrics. While I dread to refer to it as a concept there is a story running through the songs and characters that pop in and out of the tale. Basically it’s my way of trying to make combine Bruce Spingsteen’s Nebraska but with murder and emo riffs.

This track is a great example of how we can make tight dancefloor numbers, but also expansive anthems. I’m really excited for everyone to hear the track, it’s probably my favourite.

Credits: recorded in June 2017 at Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg by Roland Wiegner, vocals recorded in July 2017 by Henner Henzler.


We won’t reconcile, the cost of our debt
To flourish even a while, we can’t accept their grace
Open and simple, not ready for to look at ourselves
We manage our evils and hope that won’t stay
Lost and unequal, resorting to flesh
To satisfy our egos, we never regret
We try to escape but keep looking back
The darkness unfolds, accept its warm embrace
Close your eyes and take a deep breath

We asked the band about their backgrounds, what led them to form ERAI and their debut record. Here’s what we’ve got:

Peter: The impetus to start a new band came to life at About:Blank, a club in Berlin, during the early morning hours. While the former singer of DANSE MACABRE played a house set I was approached by a person who had seen I was wearing an UNBROKEN shirt. He asked if I played bass and would be willing to join a band. Later on it turned out that I knew that person well from the 90s, we just didn’t recognize each other. So that was a very promising start… we then did some practices together but eventually it didn’t work out.

Out of the ashes of this another band was formed, with an additional guitarist filling in the space that was caused by the disbanding. That was in May 2016. We then wrote all the songs for the 12” record until we went to record them in June this year with the help of the infamous Role Wiegner at Tonmeisterei Studio. It wasn’t until May that Mike joined the band, so we were more than happy to find somebody who fits in the band both personally and musically. The vocals were then added at the end of July.

Professionally recording has been a great experience for all of us, all of my former bands had recorded in a DIY-fashion only. Working in a studio has a quite immersive quality to it, let alone the fact you’re playing music for 8 – 10 hours per day. All the tracks were recorded live with some occasional overdubs thrown in. It’s actually quite odd to record pieces that are meant to display strong emotions sitting on your ass all day with headphones on! It just takes some time each day until the hole sucks you in, but then it’s great.

Mike: Recording the vocals was a really interesting challenge for me as I come from a predominantly hardcore/metal background but always wanted to do something a little outside of my comfort zone. It has been a blast getting to know the guys.

Peter: We have all been in various projects before and come from fairly eclectic backgrounds musically. The basic musical idea when starting this band was to revitalize some of the essential trademarks of mid 90s emocore like POLICY OF 3 or CHINO HORDE. This approach has been a little watered through the course of time, and I guess we sound much more modern than these bands by now.

ERAI live shows:

20.10.2017 – Hamburg @ Rote Flora w/ Ashtray Monument
25.11.2017 – Hof @ Linde w/ Baestien

lifeisafunnything commented:

A tragic story of love and hate in 6 Songs.

They say: Music influenced by the good old days when every release by Ebullition Records or Gravity was a banger!

My friend Patrick says: Sometime it sounds like old Thursday!

Myself says: That reminds me every now and then of the mighty Maskros. And the more i listen to it, the more Sometree comes to mind! And…even Notwist a bit.

Keep youre eyes and ears open for more!

Karol Kamiński

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