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Funky soul punk duo EASTER TEETH assert their individuality with a twisted new tune “Honey from the Carcass”

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First discovered in 2015 and immediately featured with a sweet new track and video premiere, EASTER TEETH are set to release a new studio album, Truckstop Fears, on October 19th. The new release comes at a pivotal time, employing a positive, ear bending twist with every track. Their newest tune “Honey from the Carcass” is exactly that – an intoxicating, noise rockish soul punk party, truly indicative of the band’s energetic style. Listen below and scroll down to check out two previously released jams, Truckstop Fear, and Sit Down Party.

Tim and Josh Eymann commented:

Fun fact: Honey from the Carcass might be the song we screw up live the most! So we’re happy to share a studio recording of the way it’s really supposed to sound. Another fun fact: The keyboard sound on Honey from the Carcass is achieved by selecting tone #15 on our Casio CTK-480 and running it through a DOD Grunge pedal. All hail the 90’s!

Zap Records offered the following:

Nutsy fraternal duo Easter Teeth are back with a brand new nine song album that builds on their debut and the various EP’s that followed it. Easter Teeth‘s brand of funked out altsie noise punk is now well established but, as clichéd as it sounds, this is hands down their best material to date.

EASTER TEETH‘s 2nd full-length, Truckstop Fear, is now available for pre-order via Zap Records. The official release date is Thursday, October 19th. Canadian-based radio show, The Antidote, will air an interview with the band the night before the new record release, October 18t. EASTER TEETH will play a hometown record release show on October 19th and then make a quick West Coast run: November 3rd (Chico, CA), November 4th (Portland’s 2nd annual Two-piece Fest), and November 5th (Arcata, CA).


I want to eat honey from the carcass of a lion. I want to use foxtails to set this field on fire. I want the Philistine girl. Oh oh oh! (Gimme gimme gimme!) I want to slay armies with the jawbone of an ass. Baby baby, come as you are. Baby baby, and leave the same. Infantilize.

Check out 2 previously released tracks, Truckstop Fear, and Sit Down Party:


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