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Modern screamo icons COMA REGALIA teasing new split with OVERO, ZOCHOR and PUNCH ON! with scary new video for “Further Into You”

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Another Year In Hell 12″ split release from COMA REGALIA, OVERO, ZOCHOR and PUNCH ON! is a commentary on the crushing realities of the pandemic as well as a testament to the global, fragile, and deeply personal ties that keep a scene alive. COMA REGALIA’s trio of songs and our today’s “Further Into You” video premiere closes out the release with desperate, explosive emoviolence, and we’re stoked to give you a sneak peek into this offering. The full record will stream early right here on IDIOTEQ next Tuesday!

“This year we’ve recorded a bunch of songs that, due to manufacturing times, you probably won’t hear for a long time.” – comments COMA REGALIA‘s driving force Shawn Decker. “Some of those songs are coming out very soon on a split 12” titled “Another Year In Hell”. On this split we are joined by Overo, Zochor and Punch On! whose tracks all really blew me away. You can pre order the record now from us at MMR. We won’t have a ton of copies but fear not, Scully Records will also have some in the US as well as Pundonor Records (ES), LilacSky Records (NO), Boslevan Records (UK), zilpzalp records (DE), Sad React Records (DK), Shove (IT) throughout the rest of the world.”

Asked about the bleak new music video, Shawn says that they have always been fascinated by visual arts, but often found experimenting with them intimidating. “The fear of making something that looks amateurish or uninteresting has kept me from trying my hand at so many things. ” – they admit. “I decided to just download a program and give myself an hour or so to work on it and consider the results a learning experience.”

Coma Regalia

Another Year In Hell 12″ is out December 3rd via Middle-Mad Records (US), Pundonor Records (ES), LilacSky Records (NO), Boslevan Records (UK), zilpzalp records (DE), Sad React Records (DK), and Shove Records (IT).

For fans of: Raein, Funeral Diner, the Saddest Landscape, End of a Year, Moss Icon, Yaphet Kotto

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