NERVES – “Skinned as a Widow-Maker of Existence”

Minneapolis’ NERVES are streaming a new song called “Skinned as a Widow-Maker of Existence”, taken from their upcoming self-titled album.


I suffer you, by a gaze.

Something so animal leaps at me.
With every step it makes my head spill all of this disdain,
For all this hair and lard.
I wonder then, what your face would appear as
If I were to cover it in blood.
A dead-level peak of realism,
For your husk-like complexion,
Because I see how you drag.
Leaving your lifeless body-wake on the earth,
Like a poisonous fume that eyes can smell.
This opiate light is strong,
To expose your life force at it’s worst,
Not that you could do better if you wished it.
Shuffle your hooves, to bury my voice in an early grave.
For I’m claw tight in my concrete crawl.

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