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NERVOUS teasing their new album with a new track!

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Experimental, psychodelic, noisy hardcore band NERVOUS are about to unveil their new record, a follow up to the band’s acclaimed 2013 self-titled debut. “New EP Duration and Delusion follows up the debut with more of what made that album great: minimal noise-punk jams seethe with feeling, existing in a space right between the raging and desperate and the totally stoned.” Read the rest of the official press release and dive into the frenzy below.

Frontman Jake Spek’s anxiety-ridden rasp is the voice of a man carrying the weight of the world and trying to make sense of it all. Clean guitars strum urgently and break into surf rock tones as bare-bones drums and bass pound out tight Crass-like cadences. The band – Spek, drummer Jacob Harris, and bassist Conrad Nichols – name influences like The Melvins, Born Against, and the entire rosters of Ebullition and Dischord Records.

Spek says Duration and Delusion is a record about time: “It’s about our understanding of time and how it controls us. How our understanding of it shapes how we approach everything. Time as a power structure and a tool used in the reproduction of capital. The limitations imposed by structures we ourselves have created and abide by. The police. The state. Capitalism. People taking the streets. And weed, of course. Kill the cop in your head.”

“The Break,” one such song about the march of time, opens with these lines: “I face the wave / Tremble at its feet / It swallows me whole / And sand’s stuck to me / I’m feeling tense / And the sand’s stuck to me / Take off my clothes / It’s still stuck to me.”

Duration and Delusion was recorded and mixed by Max Senna (Ash Borer, Wild Moth) and mastered by Alan Douches (Torche, Young Widows).

Central figures in the Bay Area’s DIY hardcore punk scene, the members of Nervous run Oakland DIY space The Hive. Turbulent Records is Spek’s own new label – Duration and Delusion, a co-release with San Francsico’s superb Twelve Gauge Records (Power, Sabertooth Zombie, Youth Funeral), is Turbulent’s first release.

Fresh off a European summer tour, the band has toured the US several times with bands such as Loma Prieta. Stand by for news of the next live action.

Photo by Sean Leary

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