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New Friends Fest preview: Three Nights of Toronto’s Finest DIY Punk, Art & More

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Building on last year’s success, Toronto based New Friends DIY collective are hosting their second DIY punk festival, New Friends Fest, in Toronto, on August 2-4, 2019. New Friends Fest is a three-day celebration of music, friendship, and DIY, featuring bands from across the USA and Canada. Operating under a policy of radical inclusivity, this festival aims to foster a space of togetherness and community. New Friends DIY put together a killer line up this year, including the legendary City of Caterpillar and Majority Rule, both making rare appearances – it’s also their first times in Canada in over 15 years. They have also assembled some of the best loud, heavy, and emotional bands in DIY today, including Ostraca, Respire, Soul Glo, Gillian Carter, Frail Hands, Massa Nera, Foxtails, and more! A very special pre-fest show on July 30 features Loma Prieta, Jeromes Dream, Piper Maru, and Stay Down!

Together we can make something great – something communal and shared, co-owned and co-operated – something worth fighting for.

New Friends Fest

New Friends Pre Fest

New Freinds Fest preshow

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