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NJ hardcore pack ON SIGHT bring unrelenting energy and callous heaviness on “Cause Of Pain”

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ON SIGHT have been steadily building a name for themselves in New Jersey’s prolific hardcore scene since 2016. The quintet melds their deeply-rooted metal influences with their brand of gritty hardcore that bucks the current trend towards metalcore in favor of incorporating mid-tempo thrash riffs, blazing solos, mosh-ready drumming and in-your-face vocals. The resulting sound feels refreshing while still holding true to the tenants of classic, unapologetically aggressive hardcore – leaving no doubt as to why they’ve been able to share the stage with a diverse array of acts ranging from Death Threat and Extinction AD to Judiciary and Xibalba. Unbeaten Records has just released released the band’s label debut, Cause of Pain, and we took the chance to sit down with them get you some insights, their thoughts on their legendary local scene, and dive into the details of each and every song from the raging new record!

We are a Hardcore / Metal Band from the suburbs of Northern New Jersey, most of us grew up together since middle school, we are a very tight-knit group. Some of our members’ past projects include Knuckle Up! and Beyond Treachery. Some current projects include Morality and Fools Gold.

Cause of Pain serves as the highly-anticipated follow up to their self-titled EP and 2018 EP, Fading Out. While the foundation of what makes the band special was present on their previous releases, On Sight makes leaps and bounds on Cause of Pain.

The record feels more mature in it’s greatly refined songwriting while pulsing with unrelenting energy and callous heaviness.

We all worked incredibly hard on this record between the sleepless nights, traveling, and constant recording. The record focuses on how pain affects everyone in everyday life. Whether it be loss of a loved one, betrayal, drug abuse, etc. We are very excited for everyone to finally listen to this record. This is the Cause of Pain.

Upon listening to this record, the influence of growing up going to shows from seminal bands like E-Town Concrete, Incendiary Suburban Scum, The Banner, Float Face Down, Years Spent Cold, King Nine and Folly is immediately apparent. Of equal importance to Cause of Pain though, is the air of being “up to no good” in the streets of their hometowns, as well as, the escaping of their surroundings through learning an instrument. It was recorded over four months at Landmine Studios with Len Carmichael and mastered by Alan Douches of Westside Studios. The meticulous writing process was even longer as it unfolded in late night sessions between the members – JT Giordano (Vocals), Darren Carreon (Drums), Dante Santiago (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Edgar Lucero (Bass), and Douglas Maxwell (Guitar).

The album title purposefully encaptures the primary themes of the record – avenues of pain, fear, and heartbreak.

These everyday life experiences can be dealt with in a myriad of ways, and it is those decisions that serve as the driving force behind On Sight’s latest and most ambitious effort to date. Whether it’s the loss of loved ones from drugs, divorce and death (“Without You”), fighting addiction (“Dead Ends”) or dealing with abuses of power from law enforcement (“Cause of Pain”), the record shines a light on hardships that everyone can relate to.

Upon first listen, On Sight may come across as fixed on the negative pieces of their lives but, in reality, Cause of Pain is about the pivotal choices around what type of person one will be. At its core, this record is about taking power over that decision regardless of the good or bad external forces that are unavoidable in everyday life.

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ON SIGHT hardcore

Track by track

Without You

This song is about losing someone close to you. Whether it be a friend, brother, sister, or any loved one.


Expired is about being so constantly put down in life that you’ve just had it. You feel that there is absolutely nothing left for you and no matter how hard you’ve tried to get back up you just get shoved right back down again. Its the constant struggle we all face from getting out of bed for work everyday to a shitty job, to dealing with horrible people that are constantly in our faces pissing us off. But no matter how much it bothers us we still get up and do what we have to do. No matter how tired and exhausted you may be.

Best Bet

This song’s message is fairly simple. It’s about someone you loved and trusted that stabs you in that back. Whether it be a girlfriend/boyfriend, best friend, or family member. At the end of the day you just have to cut them out of your life and burn that bridge.

Out of Time

We all deal with the paranoia that we all someday will inevitably die whether we like it or not. Essentially this song is about being so ruled about the thought of yourself dying that you waste your life away doing pointless and meaningless things also while being affected by crippling anxiety. The fact of the matter is you can’t think about that. You need to just ignore that thought and push it away. Otherwise being alive might as well be pointless. Enjoy it while you can because you never know.

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice is mainly a yin and yang theme. There will always be good and there will always be bad in life. Its up to you to choose the type of person that you want to be.

Cause of Pain

Pretty straight to the point anti-police song. Its about all the awful things that law enforcement and the justice department have done throughout the years and how they hide behind the power of politicians to bail them out. From taking innocent lives and giving people harsh punishments and jail time for petty crimes and to innocent people.

Dead Ends

Dead Ends is about living life on a one way road that leads to nothing but a dead end. Whether it be living a life of crime, or being addicted to drugs. You choose the path you take. Its up to you where you stop.

ON SIGHT hardcore

Plans for 2020 vs Covid-19 situation

Given our world’s current situation with Covid-19 we have minimal plans for live performances but we are looking for alternative ways to stay active in our music scene. Fortunately, we will still be able to make and record new music and we have already been writing with all this new spare time we all have.

This virus has completely frozen the world, let alone just our music scene. It has changed our way of life in the blink of an eye for the foreseeable future so we are going to roll with the punches and do our best to make sure we still get our music out there to all fans and the world. One thing is for sure, there has never been a better time to just sit down and listen to a lot of music.

NJ hardcore scene

Our local scene Pre Covid was thriving and really always has been, local music is deeply embedded in New Jersey culture and that’s why you see so many great bands come from New Jersey all the time!

Be sure to check out Threat2Society, Roseblood, Gloves Off, Abrupt, World Demise, Brass, Grace, Refuge, Crippled Earn, Fence Cutter, as well as many more.

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