Bedtimemagic by @jjjenice
Bedtimemagic by @jjjenice
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Noise post hardcore duo BEDTIMEMAGIC unveils new album “Sleep Together” – new tracks streaming

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The Ghost Is Clear Records has just announced the release of the new full-length album, “Sleep Together,” by BEDTIMEMAGIC. A harbinger of the band’s latest creative exploration, the record is set to dive deep into the complex mosaic of human experience, highlighting themes of grief, misgivings, and the often tumultuous journey of existence.

“Sleep Together” delivers a resonant observation: “To err is human, to err is divine.” The new album delves into the often overlooked aspects of life, from the heartrending to the absurd, offering an introspective look into the volatile, occasionally disastrous nature of human existence.

The band states, “BEDTIMEMAGIC gives up the ghost of good intentions, looking distinctly at grief with heads hung low.” The album explores a variety of unique themes, from the oddity of mountain-based intimacy to the painful pitfalls of living in the past, culminating in a 24-minute odyssey that unflinchingly scrutinizes life’s bitter failures.

Two tracks from “Sleep Together,” namely “Overslept” & “Keep Dreaming,” are now available to stream, offering listeners an initial taste of what BEDTIMEMAGIC has crafted for their new full-length offering.

Behind the scenes, producer and engineer Alex Allinson (The Bridge Sound & Stage) worked diligently to ensure that the sonic representation of these themes was as compelling as their narrative counterparts. Mastering was overseen by Carl Saff, further refining the album’s sound to create an immersive and emotionally charged listening experience.

Moreover, the album’s aesthetic elements contribute to its overall impact. Christina Lacoste provided guest vocals, adding a distinct layer to the album’s soundscape, while Sean Arsenian‘s artwork and Meatball‘s laser modeling offer a captivating visual accompaniment.

Fans can currently preorder the ‘Pee Yellow‘ First Pressing LP here.

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