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Noisy, distorted and with a lot of attitude: introduing new Swedish DIY punk trio GASP!

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What happens when three 30+ women from the DIY-culture, pick up some instruments for the very first time, learn how to play and create music in a scruffy old cellar? Well, some freakin’ awesome hardcore/punk rock that slapps you right in the face. With a mix of noisy, distorted and somewhat pop rock riffs GASP brings you songs with a lot of attitude and energy.

GASP started in Malmö 2018 and finally went into the studio for the first time ever this year and will release our second song – Keep up the flow, this friday (28/5).

The music that came out is inspired by many different bands and movements, but with a collective ground that was always: noisy, distorted and with a lot of attitude! Now and then some pop influences sneaks into our riffs but you may not hear it trough the noise!


With the love and support from family, friends and significant others, involved in bands such as Grace will fall, The Arson Project, Iron Pike amongst others, we finally recorded our very first songs earlier this year with Ulf Blomberg at Hoborec.

Coming from the DIY culture, being part of the hardcore/punk scene, booking bands, going to endless gigs and dj-ing, it’s time for us to enter the stage our selves. We wish to inspire other people, especially women, to pick up an instrument and start playing music, regardless of your age or level of knowledge. Just like we have been inspired by various awesome women in the music scene!

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