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Swedish metallic hardcore act GRACE.WILL.FALL return with grand new single, announce new record

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We havent’t heard from Swedish hardcore act GRACE.WILL.FALL since 2014, and today we havethe great pleasure to announce their new album “Barren By Design”, advertised by their new single “In Case Of Humanity”! The song unveils their more dark and metal influenced direction, and we’re pleased to give you its full presentation, along with a new music video above!

The band comments:

It’s been an extensive project where made the choice to stay away from computers during the whole recording and mixing process. One reason was that we always felt like some of our pre-productions had better nerv than our finished records. So to keep our selfs from being lazy and really stay focused we wanted to try it this way, without any edits or copy/pasting.

GRACE.WILL.FALL have shared a link where people can bookmark the song on Spotify before it’s released and you can do it at this location.

When making this album we decided to take a technical detour to get some more nerv and attitude in the recording. Everything is recorded to analog tape, on a 24 track reel to reel machine. In previous recordings we sometimes found our live recorded pre-productions to have a certain feel and attitude that were missing in the final records. Therefore we took this decision to keep us on our toes and not getting lazy with editing and copy/paste. This is by far the most honest record we’ve done with flaws and everything. It was hard work but we’re really proud of the out come.

GRACE WILL FAL band by David Szubotics
GRACE WILL FAL by David Szubotics


The darker your mind, the brighter the stars in your eyes.
With burning regrets I stare into that endless night.
The tongue slithers in lies

I can’t see how this can be made right

Grief is the price we all pay for devotion
The prospects seems humiliating and unfair
Countless teardrops lost in the ocean
I’ll break my back before I say I can’t bare, it ain’t fair…

…and can’t be right. Is there no light?

Living graves for the weak and deceased
A tomb of flesh enacted for murdered beasts

An ever growing wound of what seems a bottomless depth
Absence of dignity but not of death

Can you see where the light in darkness lies
Your light grows dark by the losing of my eyes.

Recorded and mixed by Ulf Blomberg & Grace.Will.Fall at HoboRec/The End Studios

Grace.Will.Fall was formed in Jönköping, Sweden at the end of 2002 with the basic, simple idea to create wild hardcore punk rock and have a great time doing it. Since then we’ve played a couple of hundred shows and festivals all across Europe, together with bands like Godmother, Red Apollo, Entombed, Melt Banana, Skitsystem, M:40 and many many more. In 2008 we headlined the festival Phonofest outside Prague together with Deadlock.


Our first release was a split EP with local sludge crust heroes Counterblast in 2004, followed by a split EP with M:40 in 2005. We finally released our first album in 2007. After that we toured pretty excessivly and wrote new songs to release our Second Album in 2009 which got incredible feedback from both indie press and the bigger zines like Metal Hammer and Swedish national radio station P3. Since then we’ve released another two full length albums and a bunch of compilations, EPs and Split EPs with bands such as M:40, Lower Than Atlantis and MNMNTS.

Our influences have always been very varied and all members of the band brings their flavour to the table. We always strive to make music that we enjoy playing and makes us energized to get up on stage. Of course there are a few key components when it comes to influences, like the dark chaos from Converge, playfulness of Dillinger Escape Plan and the rock ‘n roll attitude of The Bronx.


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