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Noisy math post hardcore wizards LOWER AUTOMATION return with new EP “Welcome To My Deathbed”

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Get ready to dive into the latest offering from Chicago’s own math punk maestros, LOWER AUTOMATION, with their brand-new EP, ‘”Welcome to My Deathbed” (Zegema Beach Records, ZB351). Known for their brainmelting complexity and intense sonic landscapes, the trio is back with six fresh tracks that push their signature sound into new, gothic-tinged territories.

Formed in 2015 just outside Chicago, LOWER AUTOMATION comprises Derek Allen on guitar and vocals, Brian Sutton on bass, and Andy Ducey on drums. LOWER AUTOMATION’s previous release, the critically acclaimed ‘Strobe Light Shadow Play’ (2022), set a high bar, earning praise for its chaotic yet captivating blend of mathcore and post-punk. Described by Bandcamp as “brilliantly unhinged” and by Heavyblogisheavy.com as “a flickering, unstoppable balance between madness, melody, and abrasiveness,” it’s clear the band has a knack for shattering expectations.

Drawing inspiration from heavyweights like CONVERGE, AT THE DRIVE-IN, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, FUGAZI, and a hint of JESUS LIZARD, the band has carved out a niche they describe as ‘math punk’ or ‘panic punk.’ Listen for yourself.

Welcome to My Deathbed” navigates themes of existential weight and societal pressures, and sonically, sees the band evolving from the breakneck anxiety of their previous works to a more nuanced blend of gothic weirdness and melodic undercurrents.

This EP doesn’t shy away from delivering the intense, rapid-fire rhythms and wild vocals, but it also introduces unexpected twists and eerie melodies that are sure to leave listeners reeling.

“We recorded “Welcome to My Deathbed” ourselves last December in a suburban basement after working hours. This time around, we tried to be more conscious of mood, dynamics, and tempo. It’s very different from our last album because we wanted to try something new and avoid the usual post-hardcore formula. The EP brings a lot of our different or less obvious influences to the forefront. We used a lot of 80s drum machine samples, reverbs, and synths to get a more massive sound.” – comments the band.


The EP features six tracks, each a testament to the band’s willingness to experiment and push boundaries. From the dense, layered sound of “…is violence,” the Depeche Mode-influenced darkness of “Mercaptan,” to the goth-laden “Life Insurance” and the atmospheric finale “Nosedive,” this release promises a rollercoaster of emotions and a nostalgic trip to those goosebumps you had when you listened to groundbreaking albums that introduced you to post-hardcore years ago.

As part of this exclusive release, Zegema Beach Records is excited to offer an early bird variant of the tape! (US residents HERE, rest of the world HERE) Limited to just 104 copies, the cassettes come in various unique swirls: 60 blue, 24 neon yellow/orange (the early bird special), 10 pink, 5 halfsies, and 5 test dips with matching cases, each with double-sided artwork.

Lower Automation early-bird


The new EP, recorded in a suburban basement last December, promises to continue this legacy while bringing new influences to the forefront.

Expect an infusion of 80s drum machine samples, reverbs, and synths, adding a massive, textured sound to their chaotic mix.

Keep an eye out for the full track-by-track commentary and let LOWER AUTOMATION take you on a ride through their latest masterpiece.

…is violence

This song is about living under the weight of capital and competition. Sonically, we went for a layered and washy sound that feels dense. The guitar was recorded with a stereo delay and chorus into two amps for a dizzying effect. This is probably the first Lower Automation song that is all melodic singing.


Brian wrote the intro bass riff, and the rest of the song came together from there. The chord progression at the outro was super influenced by Depeche Mode. This one still has the stereo guitar and washy textures, but is more driving and dark. Mercaptan is a chemical compound and scent that’s added to natural gas to alert us of gas leaks. The song is about how humans seem to be attracted to and idolize problematic people while ignoring their red flags.

Lower Automation

Life insurance

This is by far our most goth-influenced song. There’s a ton of synth and drum machine layers on top of a fuzzed out bass. Andy wrote the drum part in the middle section on the spot while recording. It sets up the more typical Lower Automation chaotic ending. This is the song that inspired the title of the EP.


This is the first song on the EP we played live. The lyrics came first and then the sound design and drums were fit into place. There are lots of guitar and bass layers, and even more tracks of feedback and noise. As the unicorn of our discography, there is actually a verse, chorus, and a bridge somewhere in there.


Ending the album is the most atmospheric and definitely the slowest track. It was the first song written for the EP, and its general tone is what shaped the rest of the songs. We wanted to experiment with digital sounds, and use them to texture and play off of the acoustic drums. Drop C bass and vocal and synth layers are heaped together to create a foggy low lit feel.

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