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Noisy post hardcore duo BEDTIMEMAGIC carve out an interesting identity with their new LP “Pillow Talk”

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Boston, MA based noisy post hardcore duo BEDTIMEMAGIC just dropped a new LP on Nefarious Industries, and it’s surely one of the most satisfying, harsh amalgamations of hardcore and metal that we’ve heard this Fall. Their seamless combination of a couple of different styles  brings up an interesting notion. You’ll love its organic energy and volume that distinguish their thing from the standard vibe felt in most noise rock infused, multidisciplinary post hardcore jams out there. Listen to “Pillow Talk” below!

With Nicholas Pentabona on bass and vocals, and Morgan Berns on drums, vocals, and pedal organ, BEDTIMEMAGIC’s grooves explode on Pillow Talk, having sanctioned the talents of Andrew Schneider (Cave In, Daughters, Unsane) to produce and mix the album and adequately corral their tonal obliteration, after which the tracks were mastered by Carl Saff (Child Bite, Fu Manchu, Fifteen).

When asked for comment on the new LP, Pentabona rambles,

“I’m of the opinion that ghosts would be naked. Clothes don’t have a spirit, right? You don’t see textiles alone haunting people, only on the bodies of ghosts. That’s BS, unless there are clothing stores or, like, clothing bins in the afterlife… And then why is everything so tattered?”

Pillow Talk is out now on LP and all digital platforms through Nefarious Industries.

“BEDTIMEMAGIC really doubled down on the misnomers with debut studio LP Pillow Talk. Perhaps the only hint that their music doesn’t have much in common with love-making is the fact that their moniker is in all caps. It’s hard to imagine someone getting down and dirty to the anxiety-provoking noise rock on the ten-song album. […] BEDTIMEMAGIC shout and strum akin to the best of Amp Rep and Sub Pop.” – Decibel Magazine

“Like a mix of Unsane and old school Amphetamine Reptile artists with a smidge of Converge thrown in for good measure, Pillow Talk is a cohesive, albeit cacophonous, heaping of modern loud that you need to have in your life. The duo of Morgan Berns and Nicholas Pentabona have pared down years of releases and songs to ten piledriving tracks that punctuate the BEDTIMEMAGIC sound perfectly.” – Rock and Roll Fables

“Boston’s BEDTIMEMAGIC are a sludgy post-hardcore two-piece with Nicholas Pentabona on bass and vocals, and Morgan Berns on drums, vocals, and pedal organ, though you might not realize it’s only two people from listening to them. Nicholas makes his distorted bass sound like a bass and a guitar all at once, and the two of them have a sound that’s louder than some five-piece bands.” – BrooklynVegan

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