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Powerviolent hardcore act PIG CITY hammer through the speakers with crushing new LP “Terminal Decline”

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The newest offering from Phoenix, Arizona based heavy hardcore / powerviolence hybrid PIG CITY (est. 2016)is for the most part, a full speed blitz mixing together elements of various hardcore styles into one terrifying blur, with a couple of heavy slow downs that are, just like its core, no less determined to hit you in the face and leave a solid mark. “Terminal Decline” is imbued with a renewed viciousness, comes from the bottom of the gut, and we’re super pleased to give you its first full listen below, along with the full lyric sheet and additional commentary from the band.

Terminal Decline was mixed, mastered and recorded by Jirix-Mie Paz at Paz House Studios. The record is being released by both To Live A Lie and King Of The Monsters Records. Album artwork and layout was done by Dan Rossiter.

We wrote ‘Terminal Decline” at a weird time for all of us, frankly. Battles with sobriety, unemployment, gender identity and just grappling with the crippling reality that our planet is dying played a huge role in the overall sound and lyrical content of the record. There is also an underlying theme of despair and anger at the state and all who truly believe the absurd notion that reforms to capitalism and policing all while voting for moderate democrats will somehow save us from institutions that thrive off of exploitation.

Pig City is: Dylan, Matt, Christian, Haran / Special Thanks to: Alex Rempel, Danny Levie, Jirix-Mie Paz, Josh John, Will Butler, Mike Genz, Skullcrack, Gvllow, Wake Of Humanity, Bryan Greenburg, Burnout, Alec Lucurzio And 90’s Mike Cantrell.

Recommended reading list by PIG CITY:

  • Green Is The New Red By Will Potter
  • Our Enemies In Blue By Kristian Williams
  • A Brief History Of Neoliberalism By David Harvey

PIG CITY by PIG CITY by Alex Rempel
PIG CITY by PIG CITY by Alex Rempel


tighten the screws, raise the stakes
work them until their backs fucking break
raze the earth, hoard the supply
but don’t be surprised; when it’s time to die
the scales may be tipped in your favor, but
peace don’t live here anymore
without the rules, we’re the ones who benefit


class traitors, and bootlickers
history will turn its back on you
bloodshed is here, but tides are turning, sooner than you know
when the heads start to roll, you’ll be the first one to go


endless struggle, what am i fighting for?
endless struggle, all on my own.
dead in the water, led to the slaughter
dead in the water, sink like a stone
walled in, held down, no escape. i bleed me dry
chained up, caged in, no hope. i can’t find peace
these worms in my brain grow stronger each day
i’m eaten alive, a pressure bursts from inside
a prison within, the wardens sick grin
he says what i know: this is where i’ll always go
crushing thoughts, can’t escape
smiling face, i can’t relate
i’ve lost control, no way out.

wealth management

an exercise in futility
a monument to mankind’s failure
vile display: suffering as a way of life
the sons will not atone for the sins of the father
i’m not interested in leading, but i’ve got some pigs to slaughter
they sell you the rope around your broken neck
vicious cycle, struggle until the end. the body will fall, cut off the head
demonize, proselytize, selling lies, stealing lives, draw the line
suicide, genocide: symptoms of a diseased world, out of time.
when the killers come home to roost, our bodies are broken holding up the golden goose.
i reject the burden for their life of ease
a mouthful of blood, a fistful of spite
hold your children close, who will make it through the night?
dead at last, smiling as you’re lowered down

PIG CITY promo


I’ve seen the end, this world stained red
the streets run slick with blood
while you wring your hands, our necks are wrung.
close your eyes, you’re safe inside.
they won’t hurt you, not this time
sleep it off, forget their pain
don’t let the cries wrack your brain
living with these demons, never stand for anything.
shameful waste of power
watch them suffer, wait your turn.
the choice has come: freedom or death.
you’ll sputter “can’t decide” with your last breath
stay on the fence, it’ll cleave you in two
anesthesia slowly failing
what you’ll see is liberating.
underneath the torn bandages, the wounds lie still festering
legacy of complacency
our lives have been stolen, and you’d let them, you worthless fucking coward

melancholic omega

mass induction, self-destruction, forced hypnosis, grim prognosis
homogenized, plasticized, you’ll realize you’re dead inside
once again, you find yourself all alone.
nothing left, fallen down, first and last, all at once.
gaslit eyes, sunken lies, broken skin turns to dust.
sick of me, sick of this disease.
chained to the floor, never be free.
i am the evil one, mankind’s wasted son.
i’m tired

blood money

can you bear the suffering?
where’s the dollar sign on a human life?
can you reduce their broken bones to facts and figures?
the beasts with no burden, these shiftless master classes
killing time with murder; reduce them to ashes.
peace without justice isn’t peace, it’s fucking war.
find them one by one, show them how it feels
put their backs to the wall, and heal.
repetition is key , set the precedent;
and the act becomes status quo.
when brutality has become the mundane, despondence smothers all.
like a blanket of smallpox, like the oil seeping through the ocean into the water we drink
born into chains, born into slavery.
bred into indifference, bred into compliance.
the smiles are forced and the rules are enforced.
the promises are lies. but the rumors, the rumors are true

generation nothing

generation nothing, generation fucked
mouths we can’t afford to feed, starved by their spite and greed
they don’t want to see you lead, they just want to watch you bleed
burn it down

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