NORTHWOODS – “Northwoods” [EP] (2016)


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The 3 tracks embed the key elements of Hardcore music such as cathartic vocals and aggressive guitars with the experimentation and progressiveness of the modern metal.
Lyrics are developed using tools such as rhymes and rethorical figures, a stream of consciousness in the ambiguity of life and the human condition.
The artwork, by the hand of the great artist Marco Pagnotta, colorist for NECROMANTICAL (Scout Comics and on DIAMOND DISTRIBUTION) and THE SHADOW OF A TERRIBLE THING (Markosia Enterprises), depicts the famous Wardenclyffe tower built by the genius Nikola Tesla surrounded by clouded sunrays which shape the fierce eyes, represented by the Rorschach stain wrapping the entire atmosphere.
Within the package there is added a dystopical comic book called “The Throne of the Universe” (available in Italian only) drawn and written by the famous tattoo artist Claudio Scialabba.
Recorded at ROKKAFORTE STUDIO (Castiglione Del Lago) by Edoardo Casini during Spring 2016, Mixed by Danilo Batocchio (DEEPEST SEA studio, Turin), Mastered by Marco “Cinghio” Mastrobuono (KICK RECORDING STUDIO, Rome)

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