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Norwegian blackened necropunk rockers OKKULTOKRATI release new video for “Ocular Violence”; European tour approaching

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Norwegian mavericks OKKULTOKRATI have kicked off their Spring EU/UK tour in support of their inventive and addictive new album Raspberry Dawn, released in September through Southern Lord. In tandem with the tour kickoff, the band unveils a new video for the track “Ocular Violence.” While paying homage to their native region’s 1990s black metal heritage, the cinematic synth/goth rock of the prior decade, and the raging early punk movement ahead of that, OKKULTOKRATI still manages to create sincerely original and infectious music through every bar of Raspberry Dawn, resulting in a starkly raw and original sounding album.

“A genuine album of the year contender…OKKULTOKRATI have blown all notions of what Scando-punk is clear across the Barents Sea… Stunning.” – Metal Hammer

“Commendably individual, and coated in a dirty film of fuzz.” – Terrorizer

“…nostalgia for those who went through a powerful goth phase in high school, while offering a vision into an alternate timeline when the ’80s never ended, only got weirder. It must be heard to be believed…” – Invisible Oranges

“Norway’s OKKULTOKRATI takes the age-old black metal imprint of snarling Venom-style vocals and general nihilism, and updates the proceedings with fresh approaches that employ punk, hardcore, death metal, goth and much more… Imagine Motörhead at their beer-raising fun best, but with synths, occasional piano, and more, then you may have the idea.” – Clrvynt

“Like Venom meeting Warfare…Equally rocking and experimental – a rather brilliant balance to strike.” – Zero Tolerance

OKKULTOKRATI release new video for

3/29/2017 Spazio Ligera – Milano, IT
3/30/2017 Trokson – Lyon, FR
3/31/2017 Hipster Cafe – Rouen, FR
4/01/2017 301 Live Club – Lille, FR
4/02/2017 The Flapper – Birmingham, UK
4/03/2017 Our Black Heart – London, UK
4/05/2017 Nice ‘N’ Sleazy – Glasgow, UK
4/06/2017 The Cluny – Newcastle, UK
4/07/2017 Motel Mozaique Festival – Rotterdam, NL
4/08/2017 Merleyn – Nijmegen, NL
4/09/2017 The Pit’s – Kortijk, BE
4/10/2017 Magasin 4 – Bruxelles, BE

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