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NY/NJ hardcore band DRAGONS AT NOON premiere new song “Breathe (Rid Your Monsters)”

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Emerging from the underground hardcore punk scene of NY/NJ, Dragons At Noon is making waves with their raw energy and unflinching lyrics. We’re excited to premiere their latest track, “Breathe (Rid Your Monsters),” from their upcoming album “Rid Your Monsters,” set to release on July 5th.

Formed with a passion for hardcore, Dragons At Noon gained a following with their debut project, “Give and Take.” With their sophomore effort, “Rid Your Monsters,” they aim to expand their catalogue and delve deeper into themes of self-reflection and human connection.

Dragons at Noon

Lead vocalist Lee describes “Breathe (Rid Your Monsters)” as a personal anthem about breaking free from toxic influences.

Whether these influences come from relationships, self-doubt, or societal pressures, the song encourages listeners to confront their fears and strive for a better life.

Dragons at Noon

The track combines aggressive instrumentation with lyrics that capture the essence of the struggle to overcome inner demons.

Dragons at Noon

“Rid Your Monsters” comprises 10.5 tracks that showcase the band’s evolution and diverse influences.

The album was mixed by Lee, known for his work with 6IX9INE and YOUNG M.A, and mastered by the legendary Alan Douches, who has worked with everyone under the heavy music umbrella from bands like Converge through Leeway.

Dragons at Noon

The album’s artwork, created by Charles “oOge” Ugas and Grim Cat, visually represents the album’s themes of facing and overcoming one’s monsters.

Dragons at Noon

DRAGONS AT NOON continues to push the boundaries of hardcore punk with “Rid Your Monsters,” delivering an album that’s both a reflection on personal battles and a call to arms for anyone struggling to find their way.

The full album releases digitally on July 5th, with vinyl pressings shipping out two weeks later.

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