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Complete Hatred: SPREAD THIN’s “Friendly Deception” and the World of Snakes

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Emerging from Wisconsin’s hardcore scene, SPREAD THIN serves a ferocious blend of metallized hardcore, grind, and sludge in their latest offering, “World of Snakes.” Slated for a July 27, 2024, release, this debut full-length album promises to be a volition of candor and unfiltered emotion, wrapped in a raw, aggressive soundscape. Today, we’re stoked to give you their newest track called “Friendly Deception”.

Engineered by bassist Bryan W. Fleming and mixed/mastered by Will Hirst (known for work with RESTRAINING ORDER), the album captures the essence of live room dynamics. Fleming and Hirst’s collaboration focuses on maintaining the natural, raw energy of SPREAD THIN, using live room mics, loud amps, and punchy drums to slice through their gritty, slowly ripping sound.

Spread Thin

Vocalist Ben Deml sheds light on the new track “Friendly Deception,” describing it as the album’s “slower” song that doesn’t compromise on intensity.

“It attempts to capture feelings of complete and utter hatred for someone who has wronged you,” says Deml. The song is an anthem for anyone betrayed by someone they once trusted, encapsulating the album’s lyrical and sonic mood. It’s a brutal confrontation with the past, drenched in visceral emotion and raw aggression.

Spread Thin

“World of Snakes” dives headfirst into a whirlwind of intense themes. The tracks explore how close relationships can quickly turn into hate-fueled battlegrounds over politics or religion, the mind-numbing grind of factory work, and the maddening frustration of being blamed by a loved one who won’t own up to their issues. The album takes shots at the soul-crushing routines that lock people into repetitive cycles and throws in a raw plea to avoid unnecessary suffering. It also channels the rage against religion’s role in global conflicts post-Roe v. Wade and dives deep into the chaotic turmoil of mental health struggles.

The album artwork, crafted by Alyssa Servizzi, encapsulates the thematic essence of “World of Snakes.” The dark design visually mirrors the album’s lyrical venom and sonic brutality, creating a cohesive experience for the listener.

Spread Thin World Of Snakes Album Artwork min

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