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NYHC band THE LAST STAND release new EP on Irish Voodoo Records; stream it!

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California DIY label Irish Voodoo Records have teamed up with NYHC band THE LAST STAND (members of SHUTDOWN, INHUMAN) to release their new quality EP called “The Is Real”. Powerful and passionate, concise and straight-to-the-point, the record is a well-timed soundtrack to social and political struggle. Listen below and catch them live on June 17th at The Fire in Philadelphia alongside EDGEWISE (Angels & Addicts EP Record Release show), EATEN ALIVE, TIME SPENT,  and DISAPPPEARANCES (see the flyer below).

New York Hardcore has an undeniable past, present and future within the ranks of all of the members of The Last Stand.  The Brooklyn based band features Michael Scondotto of the long running Inhuman on vocals, along with Dion De Nardo on bass, Stephen Della Croce on guitar & Jimmy McCormack on drums, all members of the band Shutdown, who spent their recording career in the 90’s and early 2000’s on Victory Records.  Since the band’s first live show in October of 2010, The Last Stand has been playing all over the Northeast, sharing the stage with the likes of legendary bands such as Sick Of It All, Madball, Agnostic Front, Murphy’s Law, Youth of Today, Maximum Penalty, Underdog, All Out War, Terror, Breakdown, Wisdom In Chains and countless more. In 2011 the band released their debut 7” ep on 1124 Records. In 2013 with producer/engineer Jerry Farley, The Last Stand released their debut full length “The Time Is Now” on Eulogy Recordings to critical acclaim, with guest appearances by Lou Koller of Sick of It All and Dave Franklin of Vision.

Photo by JC Carey. Order a CD or 7” copy via this location.

In 2016, the band entered Nova Studios once again with Jerry Farley to record a new ep “This Is Real”, showcasing a more aggressive and focused side with 4 hard hitting tracks and a cover of the Gorilla Biscuits NYHC classic “Big Mouth”.  This recording caught the attention of the California based label Irish Voodoo Records. “The Last Stand is very excited about being a part of the Irish Voodoo family and bringing some East Coast style to the West Coast.  A label ran by people with a lifetime commitment to Hardcore, the same commitment that we have.” says TLS vocalist Michael Scondotto.

The Last Stand offers up a great blend of the traditional hardcore formula with a dash of added heaviness and memorable, energetic songwriting. What more do you need!? – No Echo

This is NYHC. Brooklyn to be exact. And there is that signature Brooklyn groove. This is excellent, heavy, tough, smart NYHC.  – New Noise Magazine

You may have read that TLS has 3 ex-members of Shutdown and Mike (vocals) from Inhuman but I think it is time to take that factoid and put it on the back burner as TLS flat out shred and stand well on their own. –   In Effect


THE LAST STAND’s discography:

2010 – Self-titled demo cd (500 made, sold out)
2011 – Self-titled 7” ep on 1124 Records (2010 demo on vinyl w/ an extra track, sold out)
2013 – “The Time Is Now” cd/digital on Eulogy Recordings
2013 – “The Time Is Now” 12” vinyl on Demons Run Amok Entertainment (Germany)
2017 – “This Is Real” 7” ep/cd/digital on Irish Voodoo Records


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