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Bristol’s d-beat villains THIS ENDS HERE and Boston, UK’s WOLFBEAST DESTROYER premiere new split; stream it now!

This split tape from 2 UK d-beat stalwarts, Bristol’s THIS ENDS HERE and WOLFBEAST DESTROYER, out of Boston (Not Boston), demonstrates two starkly contrasting means of getting their point across, but a shared, deep-rooted belief in the DIY punk rock ethic. WOLFBEAST blast out 6 tracks in 12 minutes of brutal d-beat with all the subtlety of being hit over the head with a breezeblock. Engineered & produced at Stuck On A Name by Boulty, this is their first new material since 2011’s Far From Grace and first with BURNING THE PROSPECT frontman Dan on vocals. Following their split release with CONQUEROR WORM earlier this year, THIS ENDS HERE offer up 2 epic tracks of blackened, atmospheric crust, recorded and mixed themselves in their practice space. Prejudice Me, activist DIY label from Manchester, are joined by Fenland Hardcore Collective and Never Fall Into Silence in releasing this powerful and interesting limited edition tape. We’re super stoked to give you the first listen of this fiery beast below!

Play the record right here and scroll down to see both band’s commentaries, sharing more insights on this worthy DIY venture.


These are more recent songs than the ones we released in January that were 2 years old by the time they came out. We always wanted to make songs that were more atmospheric and decided that we needed longer songs to do this, so these songs are more epic than our previous stuff. Both of them are meant to reflect how shit Britain is becoming, it’s a really bitter, divided place now.

The last release also took ages to come out so we decided to keep this one much more small scale and DIY, just doing a limited tape run, which would be cheap and quick. That way we could do a couple of releases in a year because that’s how fast we write songs. We knew Fran and Zoe at Prejudice Me would help out because they’ve been really supportive from the start, then Fenland Hardcore Collective got involved and said they’d make the tapes themselves so it doesn’t get much more DIY than that.

That was the plan, then we played a couple of gigs with Wolfbeast Destroyer, they were ace people and an amazing band, and also wanted to record and release without all the hassle of vinyl, so the split tape suited us both. It was cool that they wanted to do it, their first release was quality and Burning the Prospect were fucking brilliant. Having 2 bands with a similar ethos offering 2 different approaches to d-beat meant that we’ve ended up with a really cool split with none of the stress of the last release.


These 6 songs were recorded early 2017, mostly by Boulty, with vocals captured by our friend Luke May on his laptop in our practice space. The plan was to release digitally, with & new line-up & being away for basically 4 years, we just wanted to let people know we were back & get out there playing shows. This is the result of those first few months finding our feet.

We aren’t the most prolific band playing shows-wise, but we managed to get on a couple with This Ends Here. We decided that we would be very happy playing all gigs we get booked with them, as they are good dudes who play great music, so when they approached us with the idea of doing a limited release on tape, it was a no-brainer.

It was great to get Fenland Hardcore Collective involved. They’re young, enthusiastic & doing great things for the DIY hardcore scene in Lincoln & the surrounding areas, playing in cool bands, putting on loads of shows in venues & houses & supporting local bands, as well as acts from further afield. I met Fran & Zoe from Prejudice Me very briefly at Manchester Punk Fest, in my role as punk-postman for Marv Gadgie. If they’re friends of Gadgie, they’re alright with us (plus their output has been pretty amazing so far!). Everyone involved with this release loves DIY hardcore/punk rock and I think this release encapsulates that perfectly.”

THIS ENDS HERE kicked off 2017 with a split record with CONQUEROR WORM, while WOLFBEAST DESTROYER released their latest EP “Thrown To The Wolves” – check out both records below!

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