OLD SOUL readying 3 releases!

OLD SOUL (feat. members of CLOUD RAT) were founded in 2011 in Michigan and play a mixture of Screamo, Black-Metal and atmospheric Post-Hardcore. This is what Dave from Zegemabeach Records says about them, as he is releasing the LP with me and a bunch of other great labels.

“I’ve got to go back to the band’s first release ‘Nature’s Arms Encircle All’ because it’s my favourite and it encapsulates everything that is amazing about this band. “Ocean” starts with a young girl’s spoken word reading (a recurring theme for the band), followed by a lulling and dreamy intro, which slams into a dragging breakdown riff lathered in screaming that leads to a bouncy Saetia/Welcome The Plague Year clean riff which explodes into a black-metal speed romp. The first song is only 4 minutes long. The final track is over 12 minutes!”
Their LP called “Natures Arms Encircle All” was initially recorded in 2011 and is now pressed on vinyl for the first time ever. I am taking small quantities, so be quick to grab one!
For fans of: City Of Caterpillar, Off Minor, Saetia, Loftus, Alexisonfire, and Buried Inside.

The band will be joining a bunch of amazing artists at this year’s Fluff Fest in Czech Republic! Be sure to check out the lineup at this location and book a couple of days in July!

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