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Crucial Response Records detail “Starting From Zero” compilation!

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Most songs are less than a minute long, 34 hardcore smashers by 24 bands. This is a hardcore compilation through and through but mixed with all kind of different styles within the hardcore/ punk parameter.


Here is a rundown of bands taking part: Times Together, Crucial Section, Commitment Crew, Zero Progress, Reproach, Sex Drive, Snob Value, Seein’ Red, Clocked Out, Burial, Night Prowler, Sniffing Glue, Citizens Patrol, Vitamnin Xโ€ฆ to name a few of the pack! This compilation comes with a huge 12 page booklet with all lyrics printed and tons of live pictures.

Available in black, red and white vinyl.

If you like to order a copy click on the low below:

As far as compilation albums go, this is one of the best… an excellent mix of known and unknown hardcore artists. Every track is a gem. This is the perfect way to hear a wide selection of today’s hardcore/ punk bands on one record. 34 tracks by 24 bands from all over the world: Dogends (USA), Times Together (UK), Injustice System (USA), Crucial Section (Japan), Commitment Crew (Sweden), Zero Progress (USA), Reproach (Belgium), Sex Drive (Netherlands), Right Idea (USA), Snob Value (Germany), Echoes (Netherlands), Isolation (Germany), Seein’ Red (Netherlands), Salad Days (Germany), Clocked Out (Scotland), Burial (Germany), Night Prowler (Canada), Evolve (Norway), Eye-Gouge (Australia), Sniffing Glue (Germany), Become (USA), Citizens Patrol (Netherlands), Skaggs (Germany), Vitamin X (Netherlands). Most tunes clock in under 2 minutes. This comp is not for weak nerves, you have been warned! Comes with a huge 12-page booklet! Available on red, white and black vinyl.

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